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Explorify – Dungeons & Structures

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Hey! If you want to, you can now come chat about Explorify on my new Discord server.

⛺ About

Explorify is a datapack-based mod that adds new structures to explore in your Minecraft world!

The structures don't only look fairly good (well, as good as I can make them :p) but also hopefully fit the game thematically and structurally. They're not meant to be just some random houses, but new things that feel interesting while not being too out of place.

I hope you like them!

📦 Content

For a list of structures see the gallery! I try to keep it up to date.

📝 Notes

Fabric mod version requires Fabric API!

Please know this mod is still in development and new versions may differ. I may make any changes, including the removal of structures. While Minecraft can handle this and updating the mod will not corrupt your world, it's still best to make backups.

⚙ Configuration

If you want to adjust the frequency of structures to your liking, you can use a custom data pack. A template is available here (for versions v1.19-1.2.x). If you want a structure to not generate at all, remove it from the "structures" list inside the relevant file.