The Twilight Forest

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Game Version 1.12.2
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  • • Knightly Shields
    • Nagastone Pillars received another property, which dictates which direction the arrows are pointing.
    • New Planks, for all wood types (Twilight Oak, Canopy, Mangrove, Darkwood, Timewood, Transwood, Minewood, Sortwood), with stair/slab/plate/button/fence/door/etc variants.
    • New Maniacal Dendrologist Advancement, for all of the hardcore lumberjacks and explorers out there.
    • Moon Dial. It tells you the phase of the moon.
    • Golden Minotaur Axe. Sporting a whopping 32 durability, this axe made of butter will occasionally appear in the place of a Golden Axe in a Minotaur's hand!
    • Iron Ladders. Cheap, sturdy, sporty, and rustic-looking!
    • Patchouli Integration, we now have a logbook to guide players if they have Patchouli installed!
    • More Miniature Structure models added!
    • Druid Huts now have more variants and basements. I heard there's some nice treasure down there.
    • More mobs now draw loot from loot tables, allowing for easier loot customization
    • More config options:
    • option to only allow portals to form in 'safe' locations
    • customisable weights for the various small 'ruin' structures
    • options to customise the ore blocks that spawn in stalactites
    • New French translation, courtesy of Neerwan & Wazilucas
    • EVEN MORE MUSIC, thanks to MrCompost and Mr. Owltkins (with an edit from Timinations)
    • Some extra sounds for mobs too!
    • A single Phantom Knight now spawns with a Knightmetal Shield while in Hard Mode
    • Alpha Yetis now throw ice bombs during a rampage
    • Deer now flee from players



  • • Compressed some of the textures again.
    • General Recipe re-organizing/refinements
    • Skylight Forest Tweaks
    • Hollow Trees can optionally spawn in the Skylight Forest
    • The player is now required to wipe all of the Knight Phantoms again before accessing the Dark Tower.
    • Skeleton Druids are now a little more like Vanilla Skeletons, and will only do Druid things when holding a hoe. He's coming to steal yo girl.
    • Expanded possibilities for sheep-derived vandalism with the Crumble Horn.
    • Reshuffled all of the items' rarities in the mod to their more-appropriate rarities.
    • Huge Lilypads are now properly colored.
    • 'twilight_hunter' advancement can now only be obtained in the Twilight Forest
    • "kill X mob in Y structure" advancements are now data-driven
    • Cleaned up some log output in places
    • Small tweaks to Tinkers' material stats
    • Re-organised chisel groups for blocks to be a bit more complete and consistent
    • Corrected ru_ru.lang translations, thanks klmendor!



  • • Tweaked some mobs so they'll obey mobGriefing gamerule better.
    • Tweaked the Portal teleportation logic.
    • Trophies will no longer lose data.
    • More optimizations.
    • We found a place where we accidentally hardcoded the dimension ID. It's like playing whack-a-mole with ourselves.
    • Uncrafting Table's Recrafting mechanic works properly again now.
    • Tons of textures had weird very-translucent bits on them. We dusted them off, and they're looking better now!
    • The Lich Shields syncs a little better between the server and client.
    • Rotated some stair icons, they were facing the wrong direction like the bunch of step-me-downs they are.
    • Made it a little harder for players to milk deer. A bug allowed players to potentially milk them. We swear this isn't a weird mutation thing.
    • Pick-Block logic now works better on slabs.
    • Raven feathers now work as regular feathers too
    • Tree of Transformation should be faster to finish converting an area
    • Adjusted map colours of various blocks to better match how they look
    • Maze/Ore map no longer colours all our blocks pink. It was just a phase.
    • Fix various blocks connecting to Troll Roots. The gift from Mojang that keeps on giving, this.
    • Fix incorrect FOV changes with bows
    • Fix maze maps sometimes not updating correctly
    • Small shrubs now actually appear in swamps
    • Various fixes for particle spawning
    • Lots of other minor fixes, code cleanups and performance tweaks


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