Haunted Harvest

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Haunted Harvest


Haunted Harvest is a season themed mod which aims to add seasonality to your world in a vanilla way.
The mod main features are:

  • Intricate seasonal AI for villagers and baby villagers, allowing for trick or treating
  • Pumpkin Carving
  • Corn




Trick or Treating


  • Baby villagers will now wear a mask at night. They can have 8 possible masks: creeper, pumpkin, zombie, illager, piglin, skeleton, enderman, spider and paper bag


  • Baby villagers will go door to door once night sets and will start trick or treating

Once a villager interacts with an adult one of 3 things can happen:

- The adult will give the kid a random candy (which also includes some from other mods like supplementaries) and the kid will then visit another villager


- The adult might not have any candy and give the kit some coal


- The kid's spooky costume might scare off the adult


  • If a kid doesn't receive any candy from an adult for whatever reason, he will take out some eggs... You know what's next




Witches interactions 


  • If a baby villager is unfortunate enough to encounter a Witch during its night walk he will try to interact with her and ask her candy. Here 3 things can happen:


- The witch will spook and scare off the children

- The witch will give the kid a rotten apple

- More rarely the witch will give out a special Grim Apple to the unlucky trick or treater



New Food


  • During the day (and their play time so from 3000 ingame time) kids will actually start eating all the candies that they have collected. Doing so will decrease their age a little and heal them.

This means that they will be able to trick or treat for more nights in a row!


  • Rotten apples are a new food that has been added. It's similar to rotten flesh and can rarely drop from oak and dark oak leaves. It can be combined with many other nasty ingredients to make a Grim Apple


  • Grim apples are a more evil version of rotten apples and can be seen as the opposite of a golden apple. They will give all sorts of negative effects when consumed

If a kid has a grim apple in its inventory he will consume as with any other food it receives but doing so will actually start converting it into a witch so be careful!


  • Corn is a new 3 blocks tall rare crop that can be rarely found in abandoned farms, a mysterious new structure that the mod adds.
    It can be crafted into various items like popcorn, candy corn or put in a paper bag next to a campfire to pop it!
    Also has full integration with Farmers Delight, 


  • Splattered Egg can be placed by throwing eggs at any block




Village decorations


  • During Halloween season (from the 20th of october to 10th of november, Adult villagers will begin placing 1 pumpkin each around the village. Note that they cannot do so in their work time and in suitable location, that is on grass or sand and above y=64.


  • Baby villagers can take out some shears and carve any pumpkin they see. This again happens during their play time so for example at time 3000.


  • At night baby villagers will try to light up the last pumpkin they carved

  • At the end of season (after the 10th of november or whatever is set in the configs) Adult villagers will try to remove all the pumpkins they have placed down. Also note that all of this is supposed to occur rarely so to gradually fill up a village






Pumpkin Carving


  • To carve a pumpkin simply use a shear on the top of a normal one
  • After this simply interact with it either through its GUI or using a sword/knife to carve it in-world
  • Once you are happy with your design you can wax your pumpkin to prevent further edit ot craft it /click on it with a torch to create a jack'o'lantern
  • Default carved pumpkin can still be accessed by carving one on its side instead
  • Many recipes exist to duplicate existing designs from a pumpkin to another
  • Just like any other pumpkin you can wear it and give it to snow golems
  • The mod includes a data driven custom carving system which allows a set of pre defined patterns to spawn in abandoned house and placed by baby villagers





  • Baby villagers will no longer be targeted by hostile mobs. This means they'll be able to roam out at night without fear of getting killed



  • The mod is entirely customizable, with many options in the configs such as having it active year round or only during a certain period. By default it's trick or treating is always on and pumpkin placement only between October 1th and November 10th. 

  • The mod is meant to be included in every modpack since it can be set to seasonal mode and thus only be active during the selected period. Doing so will completely remove every feature of the mod from the ground up for maximum compatibility for the rest of the year, except for rotten apples and egg splattering


  • Farmers Delight integration which adds succotash, a new food made with corn. It also enables abandoned farms to sometime spawn with a tomato field


  • Serene Seasons compatibility allows the mod to only be enabled during certain seasons



Note that pumpkins placements is tied to MobGriefing. Given the fact that villagers can't breed either with griefing off (cause they can't pickup food), this means that if you have mob griefing off the mod will effectively be entirely disabled


Hope you enjoy this mod!





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