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Ender Zoology [Forge & Fabric]


Ender Zoology adds a lot new mostly ender themed monsters to spawn at night in the overworld. Most of them are not your usual light hitting vanilla monsters, so be ready to face a new challenge after sunset!

▶️ The enderminy is like a tiny sibiling of the enderman. Packs quite a punch when provoked and likes chasing after concussion creepers.

▶️ Concussion creepers are a new variant of creepers. While their explosions won't destroy terrain, you'll instead end up in a different place. Drops confusing powder which can be used to craft charges, new variants of TNT which apply effects similar to the concussion creeper itself.

▶️ Fallen knights are a crossover between a zombie and a skeleton. They spawn with both melee and ranged weapons and hit very hard. Some even ride into battle on a special mount. Rarely ranged knights will drop their special hunting bow, which is unique in that in addition to normal bow enchantments it can also receive all crossbow enchantments, namely quick charge, multishot and piercing.

▶️ The fallen mount is what fallen knights ride into battle on. Similar to zombie horses, those creatures are not passive though. Even after their rider has perished these evil beasts will still chase after you. If you're careful you can heal one though just like a villager zombie and make it your own mount.

▶️ The wither witch is an evil variant of vanilla's witch: You'll occasionally be attacked with a potion that gives the wither effect! Better keep a distance from this one! Use the wither powder you get after defeating suchc a witch to brew your very own wither potions and get your revenge next time!

▶️ And the wither witch usually does not come alone: With it comes the wither cat. While looking like a cute little kitty at first glance, once you come a little closer you'll soon realize that this wasn't such a good idea after all.

▶️ The infested zombie is a cross between a zombie and an enderman. It's a tricky enemy: Whenever it lands a hit the target might just teleport away! It's still an enemy worth defeating though: Rarely you'll get an enchanted book with a unique new enchantment!

▶️ Dire wolves roam the snowy forests of your world. Easily confused with your friendly vanilla wolf, but this one isn't friendly in the slightest. Just run as quick as you can if you come face to face with it's red eyes.

▶️ But not everything has to be evil: Cute owls are also added, they live in forests and hold a grudge against spiders. Use their eggs to brew a potion of rising which grants levitation.

▶️ Additionally there is another enchantment which you can simply receive at an enchanting table for all your tools: Soulbound! An enchanted item will simply stay in your inventory when you die. The level of the enchantment may decrease when that happens.





Configuration is easily possible directly from in-game using the mod menu (requires Mod Menu by Prospector to be installed on Fabric) by installing either Configured or Configured (Fabric) by MrCrayfish.

When it comes to manual configuration all files are found at .minecraft/config, named as MOD_ID-client.toml, MOD_ID-common.toml, or MOD_ID-server.toml depending on the type of config. Not all types might exist for this mod if any.

Note that on older mod versions server configuration files are found at .minecraft/saves/WORLD_NAME/serverconfigs, effecticely meaning they must be configured separately for each individual world.

🌟 Thanks a lot to CrazyPants for their Ender Zoo mod which I really loved and was very eager to bring back to modern versions of Minecraft and a new generation of players. Most textures in Ender Zoology are either taken or heavily based on the original textures from Ender Zoo. Almost all code is an original rewrite, meaning especially things like mob behaviors will differ from the old mod.