Bartering Station

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📖 About:

Bartering Station adds one brand new utility block: Put in all your gold ingots, they'll be given to the piglins in the area. All the goodies they return will automatically be collected in the station block. Now add some hoppers for inserting even more gold and extracting your returns. Profit has never been this easy!

📚 Contents:

The bartering station has 6 Slots To Put In Your Gold. The station will attempt to give an ingot from each slot to a piglin Every 15 Seconds. Only a single ingot will ever be taken from a slot per cycle. So make sure your gold is spread out across all slots to use the station to its fullest potential. If you want to barter with more than 6 piglins simultaneously, just setup more bartering stations!

Inside of the station's screen there's a Small Indicator telling you how many piglins are within the area. So if your gold is not being spent, move the piglins closer and check again how many the station has detected. And don't forget, a single station can only supply 6 piglins at once.

Also the bartering station Will Stop Working when all the return slots are filled, so make sure you have some way of emptying those quickly.

📷 Media:

Look at all those busy piglins grinding just for you!    So many goodies, and it's all yours to take!

💡 FAQ:

Q: How do I configure this mod on Forge?
A: Install my Config Menus for Forge mod and do it directly in-game!

Q: How do I configure this mod on Fabric?
A: Editing configs directly in-game has not yet been implemented. Instead when in a world run the /config showfile <modid> command by choosing either CLIENT or SERVER (depending on the mod), then click the file name (ending with .toml) that appears in chat to be able to manually edit the config file in a separate editor. After saving the file, the config will automatically reload in-game after a couple of seconds, so no game restart required.

Q: Nice mod, now do it for trading with villagers!
A: Sure thing, check out my Trading Post mod. It's not automatable though.

🏆 Credits:

Developing Bartering Station was helped and inspired by:

  • Vazkii for the floating gold ingot code taken from their Quark mod




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