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Golden Age Combat [Forge]

📖 About:

Golden Age Combat brings back all of the old combat mechanics. So say goodbye to the attack cooldown and hello spam clicking! Also welcome back useful mechanics such as sword blocking. But wait, that's not all! How about throwing in some features from Mojang's combat test snapshots!

📚 Contents:

Golden Age Combat aims to overhaul Minecraft's combat system, very similarly to Mojang's combat test snapshots. In contrast to those snapshots, this mod is based entirely off of Minecraft 1.8's old combat system from before the combat update.

So first of all; the Attack Cooldown is gone! Everything is back to how it used to be before the combat update, no cooldown animation, no attack indicator, no traces of any attack speed left anywhere. Just as if it never even existed. Therefore the attack damage of every weapon and tool is also rebalanced, mostly resembling the old values (although you can adjust the value for every single item as you wish).

Sword Blocking is back, what more is there to say really? I's just as equally awesome as it was back in the day. Use your sword to block 50% of incoming attacks, really easy to use and much more convenient than bulky shields. You still want to ocasionally use a shield though? No problem! When held in the offhand it will be prioritized over sword blocking.

A few client-side Combat Animations from even before Minecraft 1.8 are re-added. Those include lost hearts no longer flashing, bow / potion / food punching, sword block hitting, and last but definitely not least the good old third-person sword blocking pose.

Health Regeneration From Food Is Rebalanced. Surplus saturation will no longer trigger a ridiculously fast regeneration boost. Simply choose the food mechanics you like the most from a number of options. By default, health is restored every 3 seconds, but only more than 6 food bars are required (instead of at least 18).

Here is a list of all the other great features added back from Minecraft 1.8's Old Combat:

  • Critical hits can be dealt while sprinting
  • Knockback is effective in the air, sending your targets flying if you hit often enough
  • Snowballs and eggs deal knockback to players
  • Fishing rod hooks are an effective weapon against entities and players, dealing knockback and not taking as much damage
  • Hitboxes are inflated by 10%, making it easier to hit targets
  • Enchanted golden apples give the effects they used to (most notably regeneration)

As mentioned, Golden Age Combat also takes great inspiration from Mojang's Combat Test Snapshots. Here is a list of the most notable features include from those:

  • Hold your attack button to repeatedly attack (disabled by default)
  • Swords, hoes, and tridents have an increased attack reach, meaning you can hit targets from further away (the default attack reach is not decreased though as in combat test snapshots, it remains at 3.0 instead of 2.5 blocks)
  • Hit targets through grass (and basically any other block without a collsion shape)
  • Tiny mobs such as fish, rabbits, silverfish and baby mobs have their hitbox inflated to at least 0.9 blocks
  • Sweep attacks require the sweeping edge enchantment, they also only deal half the damage they normally do, and are dealt even when missing your target (meaning when hitting air)
  • Shields properly knock back attackers (actually a bug fix)
  • Stack sizes for snow balls, eggs, and potions are incerased
  • Drinking items such as potions, milk, and bottled liquids is much faster
  • A very brief delay is added to throwing eggs and snowballs
  • Eating and drinking are interrupted when being attacked
  • Shields become usable after activation without any delay (it is usally 0.25 seconds in vanilla)
  • Shield protection arc is decreased to 100 degress
  • Being hit by a projectile no longer grants brief damage immunity
  • Sprinting does not stop when hitting a target, especially nice when fighting while swimming (since swimming is just sprinting, but in water)

Golden Age Combat is extremly configurable, so even if you do not plan on using the classic combat features (especially the removed attack cooldown), there are some Attack Cooldown Related Improvements which might become interesting then:

  • Switching between items in your hotbar does not trigger the attack cooldown
  • Missing a hit on a target will not trigger the attack cooldown
  • Attacks when the cooldown is too low can be disabled

📷 Media:

New attack damage values for weapons and tools    New item tooltips with attack reach, and no attack speed to be found
Holding off a horde of zombies with a powerful sword block    Choose from the 1.7 or 1.8 sword blocking renderer

💡 FAQ:

Q: How do I configure this mod?
A: Install my Config Menus for Forge mod and do it directly in-game!

Q: Can I use this mod to play on multiplayer servers with 1.8 combat?
A: Probably not. The mod is designed for singeplayer and modded servers. Using it on competitive vanilla servers will probably trigger their cheat detection system, so better not try it.

Q: I don't like the default attack damage/attack reach values an item has!
A: No problem! You can set your own custom value for every individual item in the server config, even if it didn't have that attribute before.

Q: There is a sword item in my modpack that doesn't/shouldn't support blocking!
A: Modded swords/weapons (items in general actually) can be included or excluded using the goldenagecombat:sword_blocking_inclusions and goldenagecombat:sword_blocking_exclusions item tags.

🏆 Credits:

Developing Enchanting Infuser was helped and inspired by: