Leaves Be Gone

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📖 About:

Leaves Be Gone makes leaves decay extremly rapid after cutting down the logs on a tree. All leaves are gone after about one second (configurable). That's it, nothing special about it so far!

📚 Contents:

Q: Why another leaf decay mod? Aren't there like a dozen already?
A: Sure, but this one is different for sure.

  • Out Of The Box Mod Compat: All mods that register their leaves in the minecraft:leaves tag are automatically supported, even when their leaves don't extend vanilla Minecraft's leaves block (e.g. some of the large trees in the Terrestria mod by coderbot).
  • No Additional Block Updates/Block State Checks: Leaves Be Gone is extremely efficient when determining which leaves blocks to accelerate decay for. It hooks in just where vanilla decides when a leaves block is able to decay, so it doesn't have to do any calculations on it's own. Also no additional calculations are made elsewhere, like when harvesting logs or when other leaves blocks decay as in other mods.
  • Works Properly Across Chunk/Level Reloads: Scheduled leaf decays are stored using Minecraft's native system for scheduling ticks (no custom hacky solution required!), so when undloading and reloading the area leaf decay continues as it should without having to repeat any calculations.

📷 Media:

Redwood tree leaves be gone!    So many drops!

💡 FAQ:

Q: How do I configure this mod?
A: Mods can have three different kinds of configs depending on the kind of settings they provide: Client, Common, and Server.

Client and Common configs are found in /.minecraft/config/, named as <modId>-client.toml and <modId>-common.toml, respectively.

Server configs though are applied per world, therefore you'll find those in /.minecraft/saves/<world>/serverconfig/<modId>-server.toml for local singeplayer worlds, and in /<world>/serverconfig/<modId>-server.toml for you Minecraft server. Changes made to a server config only apply to that one world. Setting default values in server configs for all newly created worlds is possible by copying the modified server config to /.minecraft/defaultconfigs/.

In a local singleplayer world you can quickly find config files by running the /config showfile <modid> command and by choosing CLIENT, COMMON or SERVER. Then click the file name (ending with .toml) that appears in chat to open the file in a text editor. After saving the file, the config will automatically reload in-game after a couple of seconds, so no game restart required.

On some mod loaders editing configs is also supported in-game via the Mods menu option. On some Minecraft versions you can also install my Config Menus for Forge mod for editing configs directly in-game.




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