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The library mod for the Dungeons Suite.




Builtin Enchantments

Armor and weapons can be given builtin enchantments. These builtin enchantments are treated like an actual enchantment, but can not be taken off using conventional means. They also have the capability of breaking the level limit of enchantments for 1 piece of equipment. No way to actually add builtin enchantments is added here. Other mods should provide their own systems for builtin enchantments. The primary user for this will be Dungeons Gear, which will utilise this system for armors and gilded enchants.



Mobs and items can summon creatures. The summoning/summoner capability allows to maintain these relationships. The mod also provides additional helper methods to handle various game systems, like damage and target selecting.


Ability Helper

An ability helper is added, to create more power when selecting a target. These help determine if a mob or player is a potential target. Primarily used by the AoEHelper.


Area of Effect (AoE) Helper

This helper provides several helper methods that allow for quickly applying a piece of code to specific targets within a set distance. Specific features include:

  • Limiting the number of targets
  • Blockpos Origin or LivingEntity Origin.
  • Distance calculations