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Horse Expert

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📖 About:

Horse Expert helps you greatly in selecting your trusted steed by showing you all relevant horse statistics. But wait, not just like that! You'll have to craft and equip a monocle first. Then just look at a horse to see what's going on (the horse must be tamed, configurable though). Also works for llamas, with extra information!

📷 Media:

Who would have thought your horse was so skilled?  What an average llama
With great knowledge comes great style  Crafting a monocle item

💡 FAQ:

Q: How do I configure this mod on Forge?
A: Install my Config Menus for Forge mod and do it directly in-game!

Q: How do I configure this mod on Fabric?
A: Editing configs directly in-game has not yet been implemented. Instead when in a world run the /config showfile <modid> command by choosing either CLIENT or SERVER (depending on the mod), then click the file name (ending with .toml) that appears in chat to be able to manually edit the config file in a separate editor. After saving the file, the config will automatically reload in-game after a couple of seconds, so no game restart required.

🏆 Credits:

Developing Easy Magic was helped and inspired by: