Corail Woodcutter

181,049 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 11, 2020 Game Version: Forge

"Corail Woodcutter is simply a sawmill for wooden recipes similar to the StoneCutter, with support for Biomes O' Plenty & The Midnight."


This mod provides a sawmill acting like the stonecutter but for wooden planks/logs.
The sawmill exists in 6 models (one for each vanilla variant of planks) and will adapt itself to your ressource pack.
Actually, it also provides a support for Biomes O' Plenty & The Midnight for all the recipes.
Villages can also contain this sawmill.


The latest release adds the woodcutter models for Biome O' Plenty & support for The Midnight.
You can add custom recipes from CraftTweaker, from this example.

Recipe format

Corail Woodcutter : recipe format



Variants for Biome O'Plenty of the sawmill

Biome O'Plenty woodcutter

Custom category in Jei to display the woodcutter recipes

Corail Woodcutter : Jei Support




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