Corail Pillar - Extension Forestry

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2


Jul 3, 2017

Owner: Corail_31


As Forestry Mod contains lots of wood kind, 4 metals and fireproof feature, and has now version for 1.9.4 to 1.12, welcome to the extension of "Corail Pillar" mod for Forestry.
Corail Pillar Project :

There're 2 versions of Forestry extension : one for 1.12 version (and over), and one for 1.11.2 (and below). You need too the right minecraft version of Corail Pillar.

Obviously, this extension requires Forestry to be able to see the new pillars, but you can run the game without it, because it is a soft dependency (to allow the file to be used for each mc version)

Pillars from Forestry (default texture)





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