Corail Pillar - Extension Chisel

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This project hold the extension of "Corail Pillar" mod for Chisel :

This extension add some variants of pillars coming from the textures of Chisel Mod. (only for vanilla and others extensions that Corail Pillar Support)

There're 2 versions of chisel extension : one for 1.12 version (and over), and one for 1.11.2 (and below). You need too the right minecraft version of Corail Pillar 3.0.0+.

Obviously, this extension requires Chisel to be able to see the new pillars, but you can run the game without it, because it is a soft dependency. (don't forget that Chisel requires ConnectedTextures Mod)

Known issues :

  • some chisel pillars have a explosion resistance of 90 (instead of 30, but it's chisel bug)
  • chisel pillar subnames aren't shown in tooltip.

Screenshot of Chisel Pillars



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