Corail Pillar - Extension Biomes O'Plenty

691,085 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 7, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This project is the extension of Corail Pillar for Biomes O'Plenty blocks.


This extension add ~50 pillars. (around 30 in 1.14.4, mainly because the gems are not present)
There's not yet screenshot about the 1.14.4 version but they will come with time :)

It requires Biomes O'Plenty to be able to see the new pillars, but you can run the game without it.

NB : version below 1.11.2 and below shares the same jar


Pillars from Biomes O'Plenty (Sphax for BOP 128x)

Pillars from Biomes O'Plenty (default texture)

NB : on this screen, the pillars can merge with others kind of pillars (release of Corail Pillar 2.0.0+ introduce this feature)


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