Corail Recycler

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"Recycler is an uncrafting table that allows to recycle most of your items (also damaged and enchanted items) and can work with automation."

The recipes only exist on the server and are completely configurable in json files in config folder (also checks the config), and can be changed ingame with the command recycler, or directly with the buttons discovery/remove in the recycler Gui for op with permission level 2+ (creative mode in singleplayer).
You can configure it to have some loss in the process, damaged items returns only a part of the ingredients (using a grind list for smaller units) and enchanted items are stripped into one enchanted book (enchanted book is stripped into multiple enchanted books)
Energy storage can make the recycler works faster when in automation (the red bar in the gui)
The mod works great on server and has translations for english, french, russian and chinese.
The mod supports minecraft version 1.8.9 to 1.13.2 & requires Forge & Java 8.
Feel free to contact me for suggestions or to report any bug

The license of this mod is all Rights Reserved
You can use it for your personal/server use, or for modpack
but this doesn't allow you to share the files


If you want to thanks me for my continuous updates, you can use the donation link or by contributing to my patreon


Recycler updated to 1.13.2 for forge.

How to use the recycler

with the crafting table :
- crafts the recycler and 9 diamond shards (to make the disk) :
 Recycler                              Diamond Shard                 Diamond Disk                   Recycler (old recipe)
     Corail Recycler : diamond nugget     Corail Recycler : craft the diamond disk    Corail Recycler : craft the recycler
- puts the disk in the second slot on the top-left corner in the recycler (will be used with recycling actions)
- puts the item to recycle in the first slot on the left top & click "Recycle"
Corail Recycler : GUI
NB : the recycle button recycles all the stack in one time ;)
The Recycling Book to easily check which recipes are allowed.

You can use hoppers and chests for automatic recycle :
NB : only the side down is for extraction, and all others faces are for insertion
Corail Recycler : auto recycle

How to customize the recipes

First of all, there's a config option to remove the default vanilla recipes. (but you can keep them)

Then, there's 4 files in your config folder :

  • User Defined List : where you can add new recipes (merge/overwrite the default recipes)
  • Black List : recipe items here can't be recycled
  • Unbalanced List : recipes items here can only be recycled when option config "unbalanced" is activated
  • Grind List : it's an equivalence list of smaller units to use for damaged items or when option config "loss chance" is activated

Finally, you have 3 commands to help you :

  • /recycler export_crafting_recipes : export all crafting recipes in "recycler" format (only those not already in recycler) in a json file in your config folder
  • /recycler add_recipe : add the reverse of the crafting recipe of the current item hold in mainhand
  • /recycler remove_recipe : remove the recipe of the current item hold in mainhand

Possible future changes (based on mod popularity)

  • adds a scaled 4X4 uncrafting grid & display the result of recipe with the losses & enchanted books
  • removes the enchanted book recipe from the recycling handbook (as it's an empty recipe)
  • changes on how losses are applied
  • the button to discover recipes might require some adjustments on some recipes
  • config option to not display the recipes skipped on load (as some players do this intentionally based on the mods they currently use)
  • adds some "automatic" list of recipes for well-known mods
  • adds an unique recipe for all "corail pillars", theses recipes don't appear in the recycling book and are enabled with a config option
  • adds a slot for disenchantment(as material to strip enchantment)
  • adds different kinds of disk
  • includes some upgrades (the xp bottle should be one)
  • portable version of the recycler
  • a research system
  • config option for chunk loading


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