Cold Sweat

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Cold Sweat adds temperature as a mechanic that players will need to work with to survive. The goal of this mod is to integrate as closely with Vanilla as possible by making a variety of features like time, biomes, blocks, depth, weather, etc have an impact on temperature. It makes sure to keep dealing with extreme conditions manageable with proper preparation.



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A dynamic temperature system that is affected by the world and the player (biomes, blocks, items, weather, depth, etc.)



Items and blocks that help the player survive against the world



HUD that displays information about the world and the player's temperature




Consequences for neglecting temperature


Option for Celsius



Detailed in-game and file-based configs




Compatible Mods:

Serene Seasons

Better Weather (Discontinued)



In vanilla, every biome has its own temperature. This mod uses that property for the temperature system, which means that this mod should be compatible with almost all modded biomes.







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