Cold Sweat

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Cold Sweat adds temperature as a mechanic that players will need to work around to survive. This mod is somewhat inspired by Tough as Nails' temperature mechanic, but there are some quality-of-life additions that make dealing with extreme conditions manageable if you have the resources. I am considering also adding thirst in the future as well.


 You ARE ALLOWED to use this mod in modpacks or videos; no strings attached!




This mod is currently undergoing a complete overhaul to make it more readily compatible with other mods, as well as to make it more organized and smooth on the backend. There will also be some major balancing changes, so apologies if the current information available for the mechanics of the mod is out-of-date or sparse.



Overhaul Progress:


The first beta for the overhaul is now available as a Discord exclusive!

You can sign up for our Discord server via the link below and download the beta from the #updates-and-info section of Cold Sweat.





- Dynamic temperature system that is affected by outside conditions and requires players to prepare before traveling




-Items and blocks that aid the player in resisting the effects of temperature


- Dynamic HUD that displays information about the ambient temperature and the player's body temperature



- Dire consequences for neglecting temperature

- Option for Celsius (/temp units c)







Suggested Mods:

Agricraft - Better Weather

In vanilla, every biome has its own temperature. This mod uses that property as the backbone of the temperature system, which means that this mod should be compatible with almost all mods







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