William Wythers' Overhauled Overworld

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Welcome to William Wythers' Overhauled Overworld!


In this Fabric mod I seek to re-create the vanilla biomes in a way that makes a more realistic and atmospheric world.

I recommend using large biomes for the best experience. 

This mod is incompatible with most structure and ore generation mods!


Check out these add-ons! 

Caves and Cliffs!

More Structures!

Primordial Shores!

See Wattles’ YouTube review.

See Isla Minecraft’s YouTube review (Spanish).

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General changes:
All rivers are deeper and wider, making them less likely to break and thus easier to use as a mode of transport across the world.
The shores of the river and the life that occurs within it are dependent on the biomes which border it.
Lava lakes and lava springs have been removed from all biomes except the Shattered Savanna Plateau.
Ravines have been removed from most biomes.


Check out the spoiler for pictures of each biome!

I recommend using this mod so that you don't always have to press "I know what I'm doing!" when entering a world: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/fabric-disable-custom-worlds-advice



Badlands - a red desert with abundant tall cacti and grassy patches

Eroded Badlands

Badlands Plateau

Modified Badlands Plateau

Wooded Badlands Plateau

Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau


Birch Forest - a mixture of birch trees and autumnal oaks

Birch Forest Hills

Tall Birch Forest

Tall Birch Hills

Dark Forest - a gloomy place of dark spider-infested oaks, dead trees, marshy regions, huge mushrooms of all shapes and sizes, and strange and deadly creatures

Dark Forest Hills - a more dead and autumnal version of the dark forest with many pumpkin patches


 Desert Hills

Desert Lakes - a biome of lush oases spotting the desert

Flower Forest - a fairytale realm of pink blossom acacia trees, sparse bamboo, abundant flowers and bees and pastel sheep

Forest - denser with bigger trees, made up of fancy oaks and a few dark oaks

Wooded Hills

Jungle Edge

Jungle - lowland tropical rainforest with massive trees and a wide variety of foliage

Jungle Hills

Modified Jungle - imposing terrain of varying plateaus broken by deep ravines (inspired by Skull Island from 2005 King Kong)

Modified Jungle Edge

Bamboo Jungle - Indo-Chinese inspired jungle of red sandstone

Bamboo Jungle Hills - Indo-Chinese inspired jungle of red sandstone rising to the snow level, where cedars generate

Stone Shore


Wooded Mountains

Gravelly Mountains

Modified Gravelly Mountains

Mushroom Fields

Mushroom Field Shore - a strange land like a remnant of a lost primordial world

Sunflower Plains - autumnal woods, sunflower plains, abundant pumpkin patches and harvested fields with hay block piles

Savanna - now has a variety of sub-biomes, with a mix of grass savanna and miombo woodlands, with scattered baobabs

Savanna Plateau - eroded dry landscapes jutting out of the surround savanna

Shattered Savanna - basalt outcrops emerging from a dry semi-desert with scattered bushes and baobabs, inhabited by "wart-hogs"

Shattered Savanna Plateau - active volcanic zone

Snowy Beach

Snowy Tundra - deep snow with a few scattered trees

Snowy Mountains

Ice Spikes

Snowy Taiga - more realistic, snowy under the trees and on almost all the leaves

Snowy Taiga Hills

Snowy Taiga Mountains

Swamp - Marsh, Scrub Swamp and Swamp Forest sub-biomes

Swamp Hills - larger trees than the normal swamp, somewhat like a bayou


Taiga Hills

Taiga Mountains

Giant Tree Taiga - redwoods

Giant Tree Taiga Hills - giant sequoia forest

Giant Spruce Taiga

Giant Spruce Taiga Hills - temperate rainforest

Warm Ocean - paradisaic tropical islands covered in with "cocoa-nut" trees, home to pigs, parrots and turtles and surrounded by coral reefs

Deep Ocean

Deep Cold Ocean

Frozen Ocean

Deep Frozen Ocean




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