Two Players One Horse

148,923 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 24, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

You can find a Fabric version of this mod here: Dual Riders

Have you ever wished to be able to ride a horse while your friend is sitting behind to back you up in battles? No??

Well, here is the mod anyway!

This mod is a simple little experiment i did for fun. All it does is allowing two players to mount the same horse together. 



Features of the mod

- When a player is riding on a horse, a second passenger can now join the ride by right clicking on the same horse

- Only the player sitting in front has control over the horse movement and is able to open the horse inventory

- The player sitting behind can freely turn around and open the player inventory, this may prove very handy in battles

- The player sitting behind is not able to interact with the horse movement, this means you cannot inadvertently stop the horse by hitting the jump key

- When the first passenger dismounts (or gets killed or...well, you got it) control of the horse is automatically switched to the second passenger

- The first passenger of the horse now renders transparent from the second passenger point of view (when in first person view). This also works with boats!



Notice: for very obvious reasons this mod is mostly enjoyable only when playing with other people. This mod is also required on the client.



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