Armor Chroma

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If using 1.3, please report errors with mod icon configuration (icons being shown as iron armor when the mod is on the list of supported mods), by sending a private message with the mod with the error and the armor materials(s) affected (if the type is a vanilla type, item IDs). You can find out a mod ID and armor materials by pressing F3 + H while ingame and hovering over the items.


Armor Chroma is a mod which rehauls the vanilla armor bar. I will possibly be adding some other features in later versions. It adds:

  • Different armor bar icons for different armor materials
  • Displays glint (shine) for enchanted armor
  • Displays different leather colors on the bar

This mod is based off of a suggestion by badhaloninja. It's on GitHub too.



Coloured Armor Bars


Mod support:

  • Blood Magic
    • Blood Arsenal
  • Botania
  • Flaxbeard's Steam Power
  • IC2
  • Thaumcraft
    • Tainted Magic
    • Thaumic Additions
    • Thaumic Bases
    • Witching Gadgets
  • Thermal Foundation
  • Twilight Forest
  • Witchery


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