Held Item Info

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A client-side Fabric / Quilt mod that shows information (like enchantments) about the held item under its name.

Example: Enchantments

The following can be displayed when holding an item:

  • Enchantments
  • Potion effects
  • Container contents (mainly Shulker Boxes and Bundles)
  • Firework attributes (flight duration, shape, color)
  • Commands inside of command blocks
  • Number of bees inside Bee Nests/Beehives
  • Projectiles in a crossbow
  • Lore
  • Unbreakable tag
  • Sign text
  • Title of Music Discs and Disc Fragments
  • Painting information (title, author, dimensions)
  • Instrument of Goat Horns
  • Author and generation of Written Books
  • Filled map identifier
  • Banner Pattern (both for banner pattern items and actual banners or shields)
  • Type of tropical fish inside a bucket

Each of these can be toggled individually in-game if both Mod Menu and a recent version of Cloth Config are installed.

A changelog is available here


Links: CurseForge · GitHub · Modrinth