LiteBag - a minimal one-bag solution for backpack and bank


LiteBag provides replacement backpack and bank frames that behave like the blizzard bank and bag frames, except all of the bank item slots are gathered into one frame, and all of the bag item slots are gathered into another frame.

LiteBag is designed to be simple and to use as many of the Blizzard core features as possible.

Example of Bank Frame




  • One-bag support for backpack/bags and bank.
  • Wrappers the default reagent bank frame.
  • Item display/cooldown/click/drag/etc exactly like the default bags/bank.
  • Open/close automatically and manually exactly the same as the default frames.
  • Default bag search and sort facilities.
  • Shows token/currency "display on backpack".

Extra Features:


  • Up to 4 colored icons on items showing Equipment Set memberships.
  • Thicker icon borders to more easily see item quality.
  • Text for BoA/BoE/Battlepet items.
  • Moveable inventory frame and bank frame. Unlock in options then drag on title bar to move.
  • Scaleable inventory and bank, use the sliders in the options interface.
  • Resizeable inventory and bank, drag bottom-right corner.
  • Row and column gaps to break up bag into sections.
  • Frames snap back to default position if moved near to it.



  • Doesn't change guild bank or reagent bank (they are already one frame).
  • Doesn't show inventory/bank of other characters (try BagSync or Altoholic).
  • Doesn't show your bank contents when you are not at the bank teller.
  • Doesn't do any filtering or sorting other than the default Blizzard mechanisms.
  • Doesn't display items by category or any other sort order.

Other Addons with LiteBag Support


If You Don't Like LiteBag


If you don't like LiteBag, that's cool! Mostly it does what I want, which is probably different from what you want. I love feedback and suggestions but I won't always implement them. My priority is making sure I can continue to maintain LiteBag, which mostly means keeping it fairly simple.

If you want something different you might find one of these other bag addons has what you are after: AdiBags; Bagnon, ArkInventory. Almost certainly Bagnon is the one you want, it is literally 100 times more popular than LiteBag and very customizable.

If This AddOn Seems Abandoned


If more than two weeks go by after a major patch and this addon isn't updated, I've probably been hit by a bus. In that case I encourage anyone with the necessary ability to take over maintenance of the addon. It is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, which means anyone can take it and do whatever they want with it, as long as they don't claim they wrote it and they too release their code under the same terms.