Better Bags

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Better Bags is a bag replacement addon for World of Warcraft, inspired by AdiBags. Better Bags sports a fresh clean look, updated to 2024 World of Warcraft art style.

Currently, Better Bags does not contain all the features from AdiBags yet, but will slowly incorporate more and more changes over time. BetterBags does support Classic Era, but no WotLK yet. Sorry!



The Retail main player bag view with several custom sections.

Currency selection in Retail.


Sectioned Inventory

Items in your inventory are sorted into sections, and these sections are visually distinct from one another. This lets you categorize your items on a fundamental level that is easier for humans to understand by grouping like items together. Sections are sorted alphabetically, and items within sections are sorted by rarity and name.

Bank Bags

Bank bags are drawn in the same manner as the player inventory, with items in the bank broken down by section. The reagent bank can be toggled by right clicking the menu button at the top left of the bag window.

Recent Items

Items that are marked as recent by the WoW client are put into their own special section at the top of your bag, so you can find recently looted items quickly. After an item is no longer recent (i.e. you mouse over it), it will be moved to the correct section automatically.

Coming Soon/Need to implement

  • Custom and pre-built themes, with automatic detection/theme application for popular addons such as ElvUI.
  • Reagent bag markers for items in the reagent bag
  • Stacking of non-stackable items
  • WotLK support