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ItemLevelDisplay adds a tiny layer on each item slot with the following information:==

  • ItemLevel
  • Socket Status
  • Enchant Status

Managed frames

  • Paperdoll
  • Inspect Frame
  • Transmogrifier
  • Bags and Bank (if your bag addon is unsupported, please let me know it)

Bags management is implemented via separated addon!! (ILD-<bagmanager name>)

Bag manager list:

  • ILD-Blizzard: Blizzard (with bank)
  • ILD-Arkinventory: ArkInventory (with bank)
  • ILD-Baggins: Baggins (with bank)
  • ILD-Bagnon: Bagnon (with bank)
  • ILD-Baudbag: Baud Bag (with bank)
  • ILD-Combuctor: Combuctor (with bank)
  • ILD-Litebag: LiteBag (with bank)
  • ILD-Onebag3: Onebag3 (with bank)

About me

I am a professional software developer, spacing from PHP web development to C + + Gaming Server Software.

Right now I’m working on this Real Time 4X MMO:

Gates of Horizon

For bugs and questione, please head to Curseforge ticket system