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Customizable random mount summoning, since 2011.

LiteMount supports journal mounts, Travel Form, Ghost Wolf, Running Wild, Tarecgosa, Moonfang, Flying Broom, and other item-summoned mounts. LiteMount excludes flying mounts in areas where you can't fly.

With LiteMount you can set rules to customize which mounts are summoned based on location, class, spec, faction, modifier key and more.




  • LiteMount is 10 years old. Happy birthday!
  • LiteMount 9.1.2 is a major new release, adding the Rules and Groups settings.
  • Please read the documentation for how to use the new features.
  • LiteMount only learns instances as you enter them, there is no complete list available.


Reporting Bugs


Please follow the Report Bug documentation.




Please see the documentation on github for how to use LiteMount.

  • Open the WoW "Key Bindings" settings.
  • Find the LiteMount key bindings under the "AddOns" category.
  • Bind a key to "LiteMount Key Binding 1" (and the other 3 if you want to use Rules).
  • Push the key to summon a random location-aware mount, or dismount you if you are mounted.







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