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Makes inventory management easy for Dragonflight and Classic

With Sorted your bags are always neatly arranged! You can quickly sort and filter your items the way you want. And with the customisable table layout you'll see more info on every item, like its level, vendor value, soulbinding, or even how recently it was acquired. Plus you can do all that with the bags and banks of every one of your characters from anywhere!


Don't guess what an item is by its icon!

Sorted's configurable table layout shows the full name of every item, along with any information you like.

Never arrange your items again!
Sorted always displays your items in order. Click the column headings to change how they are sorted. Or select a category to filter the list down to a few items. Instantly.

Addon Compatibility
Plugin Available

Skin available

  • AddOnSkins (ElvUI)


  • Other bag addons, e.g. ArkInventory, Bagnon



Localization is mostly complete, and the majority of text in Sorted will be translated to your client's language! If anything is missing, please help by contributing translations here. 


Buy the developer a coffee!

Sorted. is a large project developed and maintained by one guy and provided completely free of charge. If you'd like to show your appreciation by donating you can do so via Paypal or Patreon. Any amount is greatly appreciated!


Full list of features

  • All-in-one combined inventory interface
  • Currencies, Bank, Reagent Bank, and Guild Bank in one UI
  • Bank caching
  • Cached inventories of alts
  • Configurable table layout
  • Toggleable grid view
  • Sorting
  • Configurable categories with subfilters
  • Searching
  • Grouping
  • Combining stacks of identical items
  • Equipment sets
  • Item favouriting with 8 different icons
  • Mark trash and sell with one click
  • Pawn, CanIMogIt, and Scrap icons
  • Empty containers with one click
  • Customisable appearance with 3 skins
  • Tooltips showing item counts on other characters