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Total inventory overhaul for Shadowlands and Classic

Forget the grid layout of vanilla WoW and other bag addons. With Sorted's table layout you can identify items quickly by name, and see other information such as their item level and gold value.

Plus, view the bags and bank of each of your characters from anywhere, instantly filter and sort items, favourite your most used items, see the items you obtained most recently, all through an intuitive interface with a polished look and feel that is heavily customisable.



Addon compatibility
Full Integration
  • Leatrix Plus
  • GW2 UI
  • Other bag addons (e.g. Bagnon, AdiBags, ArkInventory)



Localization is mostly complete, and the majority of text in Sorted will be translated to your client's language! If anything is missing, please help by contributing translations here.


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Instant sorting

Clicking any of the headings sorts the table by that column. Instead of physically moving the items around in your bags, Sorted simply changes the order they are displayed in.

This means that not only can your inventory be sorted in multiple ways (such as by how recently each item was obtained, whether they are soulbound, or how much a vendor will pay for them), but it is also sorted instantly.


Filter by category

Bring up the side panel to see a familiar set of buttons based on the auction house. Clicking any of these buttons instantly filters your items by that category, bringing them to the top of the list.

Extra options are tucked in the bottom right corner as checkboxes, allowing multiple to be selected at a time.

Create custom categories through the configuration menu!



Sorted filters its results as you type in the search box.

Can't remember the exact name? Sorted allows partial searches.


View your alts

Once you've logged a character once, Sorted remembers the contents of their inventory. Bank and reagents included.

Simply use the dropdown menu at the top of the window to switch characters and preview their items.



Right-click the table headings to add and remove columns, or click the portrait icon at the top left to fully customise the addon's look and feel.

Click on the Sorted icon at the top left of the window for more advanced configuration, with a window that contains a huge number of options.


Marking items

Click the favourite icon at the left of the row to mark an item with a star, and right-click to remove it.

Right-click instead to select from all the familiar raid marker icons. Perfect for separating equipment sets, or marking items that are or aren't useful to you.


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