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Better Wardrobe and Transmog

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Tired of not being able to Transmog incomplete sets or the many dungeon/leveling sets not found in the default set list? Better Wardrobe & Transmog was created to solve these issues and to improve the transmog experience without needing a host of additional addons installed. It adds new features to the Collection Journal, Transmog Vendor, Dressing Room and tooltip pages.


General Improvements:
-Collection Alerts: Alerts are printed in the chat window if a set, extra set, or collection list appearance was learned.
-Improved Artifact section of the Collection Journal:  When viewing the Legion Artifact section of the Item Collection Journal, it now shows collected & the uncollected weapon appearances for all the weapon types.  The uncollected appearances have info on how to unlock them in the tooltips.  Also for the Druids, the shape shift forms are shown for the Fangs of Ashamane and Claws of Ursoc instead of the base weapons. Very nice now that the transmog restrictions on artifacts have been removed, so you can see what still needs to be unlocked with out having to find the artifact and go back to the class hall.

Improved Collection Journal:
-Listings for Additional Transmog Sets: Adds listing to the Set Collections page for additional outfits. These include dungeon, questing, event sets and many more from the WoWhead transmog set databse. These sets display like the base sets with a listing of set completion for incomplete sets and a different highlight for completed sets. *Note that many of the recolor/lookalike sets appear to be missing pieces or wrong piece types, this is because many of the sets are are actually incomplete on there listing on WoWHead
-Saved Sets Tab: If a character has any custom saved sets a new tab will be show that lists them.
-Favorite Extra Sets: You can now set favorites in the extra sets list
-Visual View of the Collection Sets: By clicking the Eye icon in the Collection Sets menu, you can switch from a list view to a visual view of all the sets, similar to when at the transmog vendor.
*NEW*-AutoHide Set Preview Slots: A menu button has been added to the lower left of the set preview window.  It allows you to toggle the hiding of the selected slots.  The slot selection is linked to the AutoHide Transmog Slots menu so you can always see how it looks when you transmog it.
-Tansmog Queue:  You can now queue a set or extra set to be transmoged directly from the Collections Journal. This is done by right clicking on the set and selecting Queue Set. Then at the transmog vendor just click on the "Import/Export Options"button (Gear Icon) next to the save button and select "Load Set". The queued set will be loaded to the paper doll for transmog.
-Improved Sorting: Collection Items and sets can now be sorted with the following options - Color*, Similar Appearances*, Expansion, Alpha. (*Color and appearances are sorted using the items appearance file name, which is not always exact in how it sorts. )
-Hide Item Appearances and Sets: Right clicking on an item will give you the option to hide it from view. These setting are hooked to a character based profile so you can quickly copy them among different characters or quickly reset the list. There is an toggle in the settings menu to have the UI show previously hidden items, which will have an icon indicating that they had been hidden.
- Collection Lists: You can create multiple lists in which you can select an appearance or a set to build up a list of appearances that you want to track. Once added to the list they can be easily viewed by clicking the "Collection List Book Icon" in the lower right corner of the Item Collection tab. Appearances in the Collection List have a small book icon and once the appearance is learned, a small check mark will be shown.
-"Shopping List": By <Shift> Clicking on the "Collection List Book Icon" a more detailed view of the Collection List is shown. This view displays all the items that unlock the selected appearance and info on how that item is obtained. If TradeSkillMaster is installed then the price for items are shown for Vendor, Profession and World Drop items when available. DBMarket is used as default, but additional TSM pricing can be set in the options.
-TSM Group Lists: From the "Shopping List" page you can generate a TSM group list that contains Vendor, Profession and World Drop items grouped by their appearance.
-Item Substitution: Substitute the item shown in a set for another. Just right click on the item in the set preview window or via the options page. Great for when an item is no longer in game, or if you think another item will look better.
-View other armor weight sets: See other types of armor by selecting it via the Filters Drop Down menu. *This is currently only available on the Extra Tab, the functionality for the default sets is currently in development.
-View other class sets in the Extra Sets: Turn off the class filter in the options menu to see all armor for your classes armor type. Armor sets flagged for other classes will show up with a visual indicator and the class added to it name.


Improved Transmog Vendor:
- Larger Preview Window: More room to see your epic transmog creations

-'Extra Large' transmog vendor window:  Per a request there is now an option to set the transmog preview at the vendor to be even larger
- Unlimited Saved Outfits: Any sets over the max Blizzard default of 20 will now be automatically saved by the addon. This is integrated into the outfit list so there is nothing needed to be done by the user.
- Randomizer: Build a completely random set by clicking on the Randomizer button at the Transmog vendor. Alternatively you can have it randomly select a user saved outfit by <Shift> clicking the button. Currently there is no way to ignore slots or randomize a specific slot, but these features are on the list to add in a future release.
- Transmog Incomplete Sets: No more missing out on a outfit just because your are missing that one piece that never drops. Just set the max number of missing pieces allowed and any sets that match will be shown when visiting the Transmog vendor, additionally you can select slots to ignore when considering missing pieces. When at the Transmog vendor you can easily toggle between seeing the full set and the actual collected set pieces.
- "Combine Sets": When at the transmog vendor you can combine multiple sets to fill in missing appearances. To use first select the initial appearance to use, then hold the <Shift> key and select any new set. The appearances from the second set will be used to fill in any missing pieces from the initial appearance. You can do this for as many sets until all appearance slots have been used. Great if you are missing a few pieces and want to fill them in with a similar appearance from a different raid type or with a lookalike set.
- Names & collected set piece count added to the transmog vendor view.
- Auto Hide Missing Transmog slots: When transmoging a incomplete set you have the option to have any missing set pieces set to be hidden. (The exception is for the pants slot which does not have a hide option.
*NEW*-AutoHide Transmog Slots:  A menu button has been added to the Transmog Vendor from which you can select slots which will always be set to the hidden appearance when selecting a set or extra set. 

- Load Sets: Ability to quickly load a set queued from the Collection Journal with out needing to find it again at the Transmog Vendor.


Enhanced Tooltips:
- Tooltips have lines added to reflect Set, Extra Set & Wishlist items.
-Sets/Extra Set tooltip shows set completion, with options to list all the set items or just the unlearned pieces.



Enhanced Dressing Room:
- Resize and Move the Dressing Room
- Auto hide Tabards, Shirts, Weapons and the Dressing Room Background on show
- Item buttons showing the currently applied appearance.  Left Click will toggle the appearance while a Right Click will clear the spot.
- Button to quickly undress the model
- Import sets from WoWHead or Mog it
- Export the current appearances using the same format as MogIt
- Quick load previously queued sets from the Collection Journal

 MogIt Integration: 

- Any Mogit sets will be automatically added to the outfits dropdown and the saved sets tab, and any MogIt wishlist items will be have their own list in the Collection List dropdown


 TransmogOutfits Integration: 

- Any TransmogOurtfits sets will be automatically added to the outfits dropdown and the saved sets tab



--If you remove the addon and are still seeing "You havent collected this appearance' in the tooltips, it is because this is a game settings that the addon enabled.  You can disable it by typing the following in the chat window:

<code class="_34q3PgLsx9zIU5BiSOjFoM">/run SetCVar("missingTransmogSourceInItemTooltips",false)</code>