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AdiBags is a World of Warcraft addon that displays the contents of your bags in single view, distributed into several sections using smart filters. It is heavily inspired by Nargiddley's Baggins.

Configuration is available through Blizzard addon panel, the /adibags chat command, and by configuring "right-click to open options" and right clicking on any blank space in the bag window.

Main Features

Filter Partitions

AdiBags will automatically filter and group items into partitions so that all like-items are always grouped together. AdiBags tries to make sure there are intelligent defaults that require little-to-no out of the box configuration for item grouping. The partitions them selves are laid out automatically as well, with no human interaction. The result is a beautiful item and bag experience, right from the start!


Character Currencies

AdiBags supports in-frame display of currencies. The specific currencies to display can be configured in the options panel, and currency display supports a dynamic layout that grows to the number of columns configured.


Full-text Item Searching

AdiBags has built-in support for item searching based on item names. Results are highlighted directly in the bag frame so they can be utilized right away.



Users can write their own modules that integrate with AdiBags to extend the AddOn's functionality. There are two modules for AdiBags written by the authors:

Feel free to submit your own modules in this readme!

Tips & Tricks

  • Custom item sections can be created using the "manual filter" option in the configuration panel. Items can then be dragged and dropped on section titles to reassign that item permanently to that section.

Known Issues, Bugs, and Feature Requests

We welcome all bug reports and feature requests, though we can't promise every single feature will be implemented. Please report any issues or feature requests via GitHub issues.

We highly suggest installing both BugGrabber and BugSack in order to capture bugs in AdiBags. These bug messages should then be used in any bug reports filed through GitHub issues.

Roadmap and Future Thoughts

Guild Bank

AdiBags is an abstraction on top of Blizzard bags, and does not work to make Blizzard bags consistent or sorted. Due to this abstraction, two users of AdiBags accessing the same underlying store, such as a guild bank, may see two different views. For this reason, we've shied away from implementing a Guild Bank for now. However, there is renewed interest in solving this problem overall, so stay tuned for changes in this space.

Alt Bags and Bank

For the moment, alt bags and banks are not supported. Once we invest a bit more time into our abstraction engine, we may revisit this as an added feature.

In-Depth Filter Editing

There are no plans to add a fully featured, scriptable, or logic/waterfall based filtering engine at this time.


AdiBags is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.