WaWi Modpack 2 Ice and Fire

80 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 20, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5   +1

 WaWi Modpack 2 is the second Modpack that was especially created for the WaWi Minecraft Server.


The goal is to create a lightweight Modpack so that nearly anyone/any computer can join. The pack is based on Ice and Fire: Dragons with some small accessories.





  • Explore a wide variety of mystical creatures and locations with Ice and Fire: Dragons
  • Witchcraft and nature magic with a bit of voodoo and necromancy in Witchery: Rewitched
  • A new underground civilization of tiny lizard people with Kobolds!
  • Protect yourself witch SecurityCraft
  • Get secret blocks to hide your valuables and spy other Players with SecretRoomsMod
  • Achieve an overview with Xaero's minimap



Last Update: v0.1-alpha


Further Information about the WaWi Minecraft server: https://decide.wagnerwiesing.de/en/minecraft


Have fun!


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