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While you can play basic Minecraft with this pack it's sole purpose is to give you some starting capabilities that are not readily available when playing any of the recommend sky based maps or when connecting to to sky block server in the 1.14.4 tier.


Simply put, SKY CLIENT, is a pack which adds quality of life mods to the client side of things to enhance your map and server based play. It's meant to give you a special type of adventure or to create new recipes to unlock interesting tech and magic.

Resource Pack

LB Photo Realism Reload! from


Recommended Maps (Worlds)

Cube Block from

Heavenly SkyBlock Reborn from

Sky Block Islands from

SkyblockX+ from

Spawncube v2.0 from

Ultimate sky block from

Vanilla SkyBlock from


Mods in Client Pack


Better Advancements


Crafting Tweaks

Hywla (Waila)

Inventory Sorter

Just Enough Items (JEI)

Mouse Tweaks


Torch Optimizer

Xaero's Minimap

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