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59,260 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 24, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.5

NEW! Vanilla SkyBlock Release 8 Beta for Minecraft 20w51a is out!


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Vanilla SkyBlock Release 7.3 for Minecraft 1.16 is out! Go and get it!

TO UPDATE YOUR WORLD FROM AN OLDER VERSION OF VANILLA SKYBLOCK, JUST INSTALL THE DATAPACK AND TYPE THIS COMMAND IN THE CONSOLE/CHAT: /function skyblock:reload (note: this will only update the trading villagers that exist and are in loaded chunks.)


Updated to 1.16.1

Structures once again generate in the world


Added Mystical Items!
You now respawn immediately after you die
The function skyblock:reload now only updates the nearest set of villagers. It also makes them face you.
The function skyblock:get_all_traders spawns the traders in the correct pattern around and facing you.
The function skyblock:kill_all_traders now only effects the nearest set of villagers
Edited the notch_apple advancement

Added advancements:
- mystical_apple
- mystical_trident
- mystical_star
- mystical_banner
- mystical_heart

Added crafting recipes:
- Warped Fungus and Netherrack for a Warped Nylium
- Crimson Fungus and Netherrack for a Crimson Nylium
- 9 diamond blocks for an ancient debris
- 4 dragon heads for a trident
- Bell crafting recipe. It looks like this (S = stick, G = gold ingot, X = nothing):


Removed crafting recipes:
- Shulker box buy
- Shulker box sell


Add trades:
- 1 emerald for 1 Prismarine Shard
- 1 emerald for 1 Prismarine Crystal
- 1 Phantom Membrane for 1 emerald
- 1 diamond for 1 sponge
- Warped Fungus and Netherrack for a Warped Nylium
- Crimson Fungus and Netherrack for a Crimson Nylium
- Dragon egg for a Mystical Trident
- 2 stacks of diamond blocks for a Mystical Star
- Totem of Undying and a Saddle of a Mystical Banner
- Enchanted golden apple and 8 Netherite blocks for a Mystical Apple
- Crying obsidian and a soul fire torch for a Mystical Heart
- Obsidian and a soul fire lantern for a Heart of the Sea
- 64 rotten flesh and 64 bone blocks for a nautilus shell
- You can sell crimson wood
- You can sell warped wood

Changed trades:
- Turtle egg is now 1 egg and 2 diamonds
- Turtle shell now sells for 1 diamond
- Bell is now 4 sticks and a gold ingot
- Trades for emeralds to diamonds and back no longer reward XP
- Gold is now a diamond for an ingot
- 4 dragon heads now get you a normal trident
- 4 kelp instead of 18 for an emerald
- A piece of coal for 2 emeralds instead of a coal block
- Moved the diamond block for a chicken egg trade to the buy villager
- Moved jungle tree stuff to the top of the wood villager

- Chicken eggs now cost an emerald block


Remove trades:
- Selling dragon egg
- Buying wool
- Buying scute
- Buying apples



    Download this world, and everything is there! The datapack is pre-set! Just place this in your saves folder (%appdata%/.minecraft/saves/) and play.



    If you're all going to play on one island, then you don't have to do anything. If you want people to have their own islands, then give yourself a Structure Block and load in "skyblock:island". This summons in a new island that's identical to the original. Please note: This is a manual process. I will not, nor ever, support automatically creating new islands. If you really do want this, then you're going to have to resort to server-side mods.



    This SkyBlock focuses on the singleplayer (it's still better in multiplayer) SkyBlock economy.

The Wandering Trader helps run your economy, and instructions are in-game with how to relocate them or refresh their trades if they lockout. The trades lock every 9,999,999 trades. This is a vanilla limitation, and nothing can be done about this, but I don't think it will be much of a problem.


    This SkyBlock encourages you to build massive cobble, tree, iron, ender pearl, and chorus fruit farms, as well as others!

The economy is an item based one, and the items are emeralds and diamonds. This means that you can use 1.14 VILLAGERS to grow your assets! HORRAY!!! There is NO BLOCK that you can't buy or make, too! This project also includes deep support for 1.16 items and blocks, meaning that you can grow your assets with them! Do you want to know what the absolute, BEST part of this is? It's an economy SkyBlock that isn't pay-to-win. So go have fun, and put away that wallet!


    Please note that yes, you can use this map along with the datapack on your server. You can't change or disable the advancements. If you do, you must notify all players of where you got the map from (this page.) This also applies if you extract the datapack. Thank you!


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