Heavenly SkyBlock Reborn

1,512 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 11, 2020 Game Version: 1.16-Snapshot

Heavenly SkyBlock is Back and this time it is much more difficult. This map will challenge you to use your knowledge of Minecraft.


You will start out in adventure mode in a safe place. Once you start the map you will be teleported to your island. You should get to the Heavenly Gate so that you can go to Heaven to buy the things that you will need. ((Sorry the villagers don't sell everything and you will have to find ways to get some things)). The Arena in Heaven is more difficult now and there are Tokens to collect.


((This is my best build yet. And it is remade from the ground up. I am not going to list the quests this time because there is only 11 Quests ((13 if you look in the Book)). Everything you need to know is in the Map. Please look things up in the minecraft wiki if you get stuck... before posting your questions here.))


This will be for 1.14.4+ and I do plan on updating the map from now on.


If you do need help or if there is a problem with the map please let me know.


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