Cube Block

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My new Skyblock Survival map, Cube Block, only consits of a minecraft cube. Every side of the block has an own biom and is crossed by caves, dungeons and canyons.

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Star Cube coordinates spoiler


X = 18*
Y = 2*2
Z = 3










Important - Cube Block Gravity Edition!


To play the Cube Blocks "Gravity Edition", the StarMine / AntiGravity Mod installation is needed.

Cube Block - Gravity Edition Trailer:




Important! - Permissions



© Copyright XxRexRaptorxX (RexRaptor)

- It´s not allowed to copy the project or its contents!

- You aren´t allowed to prentend that the map is yours!

- It´s only allowed to show the map on your website or forum
if you have my permissions!

- In Let´s Plays, videos, reviews, posts, ... the creator (XxRexRaptorxX) &
a link to these projekt site should be indicated!

- Reposts are strictly forbidden!


- Die Map oder Inhalte davon dürfen NICHT Kopiert werden!

- Die Map darf NICHT als die eigene ausgegeben werden!

- Der Download der Map darf nur auf eigenen Webseiten oder Foren veröffentlicht
werden, wenn die Rechte erfragt wurden!

- Bei Let´s Plays, Reviews, Videos, Posts, ... sollte der Creator (XxRexRaptorxX) &
ein Link zu dieser Projekt Seite angegeben werden!

- Reposts sind strengstens verboten!


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- 4 different biome
- Caves
- Custom villager shops
- Custom landscape
- Custom mobs
- Empty map
- Hidden chests
- Easter eggs
- Canyons
- Structures
- Dungeon
- Mine shaft
- Custom items
- Nether Cube
- Star Cube
- End Cube
- and more...


- Build a cobblestone generator
- Build an infinite water source
- Find a dungeon
- Build a cornfield
- A trade with the villagers
- Go to the Nether
- Go to the end
- Build a monster trap
- Build a Functioning Redstone circuit
- Find a Diamond
- Find a Smaragt
- Build a Nether portal
- Collect a pearl of Ender
- Farme obsidian
- Find a Nether Fortress
- Get through the Ender fountain
- Holding Farm Animal
- Find lava
- Build a Golem
- Use an anvil
- Use a brew stand
- Find a Disc
- Grab the final egg
- Craft a Cake
- Build a house
- Find a sponge
- Find a "Mystery Scroll"
- Angle a fish
- Find an mine
- Find the Star Cube
- Find an Easter Egg
- Go to all four biomes
- Tame an ocelot
- Tame a Wolf
- Find a Pumpkin
- Find a melon
- Find and kill Herobrine
- Find a way out of the Nether Cube
- Find the secret chest in the end
- Find 3 Dungeons
- All without cheating: b
- Play with a friend: b
- Find a hay bale
- Tame and Ride a Horse
- Trade with 3 different villagers
- Crafte or find a diamond sword
- Collect 10 Smaragte
- Collect 5 Diamonds
- Collect 15 Redstone
- Collect 20 flowers
- Collect 60 Cactus
- Find Nether Warts
- Find a "Spider's Nest"
- Build a base on all four cubes
- Go to the Center of the Earth (Lava Core)
- Build a sugarcane farm
- Find the leftover from the ender dragon
- Find a elytra
- Find a fossil
- Kill the wither
- make potions
- Craft a Pumpkin Pie
- Have fun :D
- Get all default achievments


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