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I am Vallen of Mischief of Mice and have decided to make a modpack starter for pack makers or players that want to take advantage of my efforts. This pack is designed to add a measure of quality of life to Minecraft and you can build upon it with your own mods even further or just delete the one or two you don't want. I made a few videos (see below) that covers those in this pack though I still added a couple more. I changed some key configs to not conflict or be a pain as well so no more sorting your inventory when trying to find a recipe! Complete list is below. Suggestions on things to add, change remove? Let me know. I hope this becomes a base building block for your future modpack designs.


<:3 Vallen


TOP 20 Utility mods

TOP 40+ Quality of Life mods


NOTE: Additional mods beyond these videos include: any required lib mods as well as Friendly Fire (don't hurt pets) & Akashic Tome (store all your instruction books in one). Also, similar mods that duplicate functionality were reduced to one version.


Mod List & what they do:

Akashic Tome by Vazkii - store all your instruction books in one 

Friendly Fire by DarkhaxDev - owners don't hurt pets

Bad WIther No Cookie - Reloaded by kreezxil - no more server-wide sounds of wither death

Bed Patch by Mordenkainen3141 - no getting stuck in bed on servers

Clarity by Elucent - see better underwater

Clumps by jaredlll08 - less lag caused by xp orbs as they combine into singular orbs

Controlling by jaredlll08 - search/edit keybinds MUCH easier

Crafting Tweaks by BlayTheNinth - easier crafting grid options

Fence Jumper by TheRealp455w0rd - jump up on fences

Inventory Sorter by cpw11 - mouse wheel inventory amounts and center click sorts inventory

Just Enough Items (JEI) by mezz - THE mod for seeing recipes and how things are used in recipes for modded Minecraft

KleeSlabs by BlayTheNinth - break half slabs that were stacked in a single block space

More Overlays by feldim2425 - see simple spawning light overlay & chunk info

Mouse Tweaks by YaLTeR97 - drag mouse options in inventories

NoFov by lumien231 - no more field of vision changes from potions, etc.

SwingThroughGrass by exidex - attack mobs in grass/leaves instead of the grass/leaves

The One Probe by McJty - configurable user interface that tells you what you are looking at

TrashSlot by BlayTheNinth - moveable trash slot in your inventory screen. can delete with a key and all item types with a key as well

What's That Slot? by gegy - allows you to see what a slot in an inventory will accept (ie: what does a furnace burn)

Ding by ohaiiChun - makes a "ding" when pack is done loading

TipTheScales by Jaredlll08 - Adds sliders in menus 

Toast Control by Shadows_of_Fire - no more "punch that tree"-like pop ups 

StepUp by Not TooManyItems - 3 modes of step-assist 

Tomb Many Graves 2 M4thG33k - get stuff back after death as you had it 

Xaero's Minimap by xaero96 - light weight minimap & waypoints 

Xaero's Worldmap by xaero96 - Worldmap 

Diet Hoppers by RWTema - bounding box of hopper is accurate 

Uppers by vadis365 - Hoppers that go up 

Display by Martacus - modifiable display stands 

FindMe Buuz135 - find items in chests with a hotkey with mouse hover 

AppleSkin squeek502 - See saturation and hunger values of foods 

Inventory Tweaks by JimeoWan - Inventory/chest sorting, auto restocking, default/custom sorting options 

Nature's Compass by Chaosyr - find biomes 

Just Enough Resources (JER) by way2muchnoise - see what levels ores spawn at 

Ore Excavation by Funwayguy - mine shapes/veins of configurable stuff 

Passable Leaves by WhichOnesPink - walk through most "Leaves" 

Simple Harvest by workshopcraft - right click harvest/replant (goes to inventory)

Controlled Burn by laike_endaril - Stop fires from destroying everything or make them worse 

Born in a Barn by Speiger - Stop villagers keeping chunks loaded w/doors

Dude! Where's my Horse? by Noobanidus - teleport specific loaded entities to yourself 

Auto Third Person by quat1024 - Boat, Elytra, Horse, etc auto 3rd Person view 

Third Person Camera Fix by HialusFX - fixes close view issues in 3rd person view 

Wall-Jump! by genandnic - Double jump, wall grab, jump speed 

World Stripper by EwyBoy- Remove mundane earths in a large area 

Fast Furnace by Shadows_of_Fire - makes shift+item into/out of vanilla furnace less laggy 

Fast Workbench by Shadows_of_Fire - removes vanilla "book" button & makes shift+item into/out of vanilla crafting bench less laggy 

Faster Ladder Climbing by maddachshund- look to climb/descend faster on ladders 

Better Advancements by way2muchnoise - Advancements screen is easier to manage 

Carry On by Tschipp - carry some configurable things (needs open hands) 

Enchantment Descriptions by DarkhaxDev - adds just that but for books only 

Fast Leaf Decay by olafskiii - Leaves decay faster 

Cosmetic Armor Reworked by LainMI - adds in adjustable cosmetic armor slots

Sound Filters by Tmtravlr - realistic echoes & some sound restrictions 

Super Sound Muffler by EdgarAllen - configurable sound reduction 

Oops! - Undo by darkevilmac - 3 seconds to get blocks back just placed 

ItemZoom by mezz - See magnified blocks in inventory screen on mouse hover 

SimpleZoom by UnRealDinnerBone - zoom in your view 

Lapis Stays in the Enchanting Table by csb987 - Lapis stays and an ender chest version too 



Will you be updating past 1.12.2?  Yes. I wanted to get this done first. Keep your eyes peeled and I'll likely be assembling the same for newer versions as mods come out.  


I found an error or have an issue with the pack, where to report it? You can message me, comment below, or let me know in the Mischief of Mice Discord HERE. Only do this if you are sure it's a pack issue though. If it's a mod issue, please report it to the appropriate mod developer on their respective issues pages.


Where can I suggest or recommend a mod to add to the pack? Comments are open below. :)


Thanks to all the mod devs that have put so much time and effort into making these fantastic mods!

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