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I'm Vallen from Mischief of Mice and I made this modpack. This modpack includes shaders, resourcepacks, and a few basics to get yourself started on a beautiful adventure into TerraFirmaCraft on 1.18.2 Minecraft. At least... until you run into your first grizzly bear. Then all bets are off. This pack is the one that I am using on my current Twitch let's play on Pakratt's server. Join us Tuesdays here: twitch.tv/mischiefofmice

NOTE: This pack doesn't change anything about TFC or add in mods that will give shortcuts or change recipes at all. You will find some mapping tools or item identifier mods but it's focused on resource packs and shaders.

Optifine is NOT to be used.

Mods added of note:

TerraFirmaCraft (TFC) - this is an immersive survival mod that overhauls almost all of vanilla minecraft and the base of the pack
JEI - see recipes etc of items
Jade - On screen identifier of what you are looking at. sneak to see more info if available
Notes - make a note for yourself for later (press n)
Patchouli - required for the in-mod instruction book (look in your inventory screen and click the book tab)
Xaero's Minimap/World Map - minimap on your screen of the area & world map of where you have visited
- Others - mostly to enhance your visuals and/or allow shaders


Resourcepacks of note (this is what things look and sound like only - no changes to mechanics of the pack at all):

Tissou's Zombie Pack - makes zombies appear in a variety and scarier with new sounds
Vexxed Vanilla & Vanilla Themed - makes TFC stuff look pretty


Shaderpack (included! no need for Optifine):

Complimentary Reimagined