Quality of Life Primer

This is a base Forge modpack to use for mod testing, experimentation, playing, or modpack making. I often have a lot of mods I mess with and want my default setup to try them out without a bunch of accidental bloat files from other mods that I've disabled. It can also be used to start building a modpack from as well, though it's just a bunch of basic utilities and Quality of Life mods added in.

What's in the tin (less than 65 mods):

All versions:
- Appleskin - see the saturation and hunger restored from foods
- Better Advancements - see the advancements a lot easier
- Build Guide - make simple customizable shapes display in world as ghost blocks
- Client Tweaks - little configurable tweaks but short summary is lowers shield while holding tools and stops torch placement in some situations
- Clumps - xp orbs gather into bigger ones (lag reduce & time saver)
- Comforts - change day to night on a hammock
- Construction Wand - build areas, lines, and more using materials in your inventory
- Controlling - find keybinds easier
- Corpse - retrieve your inventory from a corpse if you die
- Cosmetic Armor Reworked - change your look by storing an extra set of armor
- Crafting Tweaks - shortcuts and convenience in crafting grids
- Curios - store trinkets like amulets and such in this extra inventory slot set
- Durability Tooltip - shows the durability of items even at full durability on mouse hover
- Enchantment Descriptions - as it says. hover with mouse
- Equipment Compare - compare equipment side by side
- Excavar - excavate connected blocks of the same type
- Extreme Sound Muffler - mute certain sounds
- Farsight - see already loaded chunks that are farther away
- Fast Leaf Decay - as it says
- Find Me - find the same item in a nearby inventory (not in 1.20.1)
- Highlighter - see recently picked up items with a *
- Inventory Sorter - middle click in an inventory to sort it
- Jade - identify what you are looking at
- JEI - find recipes and uses of items from inventory menu
- Just Enough Professions - see villager workstations they use
- Just Enough Resources - see some Y levels where ores are and mob and plant drops etc.
- Legendary Tooltips - pretty menus on mouse hover :3
- Light Overlay - F7 to see different light levels
- MmmMmmMmmMmm - an outfitable target dummy that shows damage and types of damage done
- Mod Name Tooltip - adds a tooltip identifier in (even in survival) that tells you what mod adds that item
- Mouse Tweaks - item dragging in inventories is better
- Natures Compass - find biomes
- No AI Spawn Eggs - spawn in entities with no AI
- No Mo Wanderer - stop the wantering trader from approaching
- OpenLoader - creates a folder for datapacks to effect all saves
- Patchouli - commonly used guide book mod
- Quickstack - 1.20.1 only - Quickly deposit items to nearby chests in an organized manner - no more sorting forever
- Scannable - find ores, entities, and more by scanning (needs a power chaging mod to function in survival)
- Stylish Effects - makes potion effects tidy and organized
- Swing Through Grass - swing and hit entities in grass instead of just the grass (not in 1.20.1)
- Tool Stats - see your tool stats on hover
- Trading Post - see all nearby villager trades
- Trample Stopper - stop turning farm land to dirt by landing on it
- Trash Slot - adds a trash slot to your inventory
- Wall Jump (& Unofficial) - setup to double jump, also cling onto walls for parkour jumps - config to disable if desired
- What's that Slot? - left ALT in a UI of something to find out what all goes there
- World Stripper - DEL in creative mode to mass delete vanilla mundane blocks to inspect for structures and ores underground in a large area
- Xaero's Minimap - shows a minimap and entities in the area
- Xaero's World Map - shows a larger map of where you've been and adds in waypoints

1.20.1 only (some mods may not be available on other versions):
- Quickstack - Quickly deposit items to nearby chests in an organized manner - no more sorting forever

1.19.2 only (some mods may not be available on other versions):
- Yeetus Experimentus - stops the "experimental settings" message from showing up

1.18.2 only (some mods may not be available on other versions):
- JEI Integration - more helpful stuff with more mods as above
- Shutup Experimental Settings - stops the "experimental settings" message from showing up

Resource Packs:
- Stay True - just makes vanilla even prettier :3

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