Deadly Halloween Survival Pack 2020

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This is a scary Halloween modpack combining a few of the scariest mods for Minecraft 1.12.2. Jumpscares, creepy sounds and deadly monsters will give you a heart attack. It's a fun modpack to play with friends on Halloween. Have a look and see who can survive the longest. It's gonna be tough. Have fun ;)



-many new biomes, animals and monsters (make sure to choose 'Biomes O'Plenty' as the world type when creating a world)

-monsters can break blocks and build their way up

-15% chance for a blood moon to appear and increase the amount of monsters being spawned

-villages have new buildings with useful loot

-completely dark during the night

-spooky ambient sounds

-gravestones save your inventory at death

-don't let it be too dark around you!


Mods included:


  • Better Animals Plus by cybercat5555 and itsmeowdev (Link)
  • BetterFPS by Guichaguri (Link)
  • Biomes O' Plenty by Forstride, TheAdubbz and Glitchfiendmods (Link)
  • Blood Moon by Lumien231 (Link)
  • DynamicSurroundings by OreCruncher (Link) -OreLib by OreCruncher (Link)
  • Eyes In The Darkness by gigaherz (Link)
  • Gravestone Mod by henkelmax, bommelmuetze24 and junanas (Link)
  • Grue by Shinoow (Link) -DarknessLib by Shinoow (Link)
  • Hardcore Darkness by Lumien231 (Link)
  • MonsterSwarm by LiSEKS (Link)
  • Mutant Beasts by shcott21 and thehippomaster21 (Link)
  • No-Holds-Barred-Halloween Mod remade by csb987 (Link)
  • Recurrent Complex by Ivorforce (Link) -IvToolkit by Ivorforce (Link)
  • Spiders 2.0 by TheCyberBrick (Link)
  • SpookyCraft by UpcraftLP, AbsolemJackdaw and EPIIC_THUNDERCAT (Link) -CraftDev Core by UpcraftLP (Link)
  • Forge Version: v14.23.5.2779


Note: I take no credit for any of these mods. The given links lead to the original authors or mods

Recommended RAM: 3GB


Download Optifine (Recommended HD U D3 1.12.2) here and move it into the 'mods' folder


Your first night could look like this: