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Adds new Skeletal mobs and other scary features to make a better Halloween experience.

  • Pumpkins are a nice Decoration! Right-click a pumpkin with a torch to turn it into it's spooky, evil counterpart.
  • them.
  • Your dead pets will come and haunt you too, so think about what you kill!
    • Won’t burn in sunlight but will only be aggressive during the night
    • Skeletal Cows have been known to produce Pure milk ;)
  • Skeletals are the undead souls of those animals you've hunted and killed. They are here to take revenge on what you did to them.

But beware: if you don't wear a pumpkin hat at evening you probably won't make it to the end of the night!


Made for the MMD SpookyJam. (/r/feedthebeast) (#SpookyJamMC on Twitter)

developed during first SpookyJam contest from october 1st to october 7th 2017,

made by UpcraftLP and Epiic_Thundercat

artists: SubarakiEpiic_Thundercat



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