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280 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 4, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.1  

with BSL SHADERS and custom* PBR mapping.
*based on RTX 16x for Java.
(See Credits)

You can also get just the PBR textures I made on their own (featuring some more mods):
RTX 16x for Java: Mod Support addon.

WARNING! If you install OptiFine, Shaders are on by default. If you want to use OptiFine and not Shaders (for example your device can't handle them), disable them in the main menu: Options > Video settings > Shaders > "None"


The modpack called COHESION has one main goal: COHESION. What do I mean by that?

It's meant to expand on Vanilla Minecraft by adding more content which is so integrated into the game that someone who's never played the game wouldn't be able to tell which features are Vanilla and which are modded.

Some features of the mods included are removed (from survival and JEI), many recipes are tweaked (thanks to CraftTweaker) and some items are even retextured and renamed. Loot tables have also been tweaked.


CAUTION: This modpack is created for Survival Mode, if playing in creative mode, you may encounter a lot of textures that make no sense.
CAUTION: This modpack has to be played with the English (US) language settings for the item name tweaks to take effect.


That way for example the following features are achieved:

     - All woods included in the pack have their Chest as well as Signs
       (Mostly unused wooden Chests from Atmospheric are turned into
       Biomes o' Plenty Chests).
     - The amount of woods and some other blocks is reduced to be less
       convoluted (Some tree types are merged into one using textures and loot tables).
     - Nether Wart (renamed to Crimson Wart) and Warped Wart added in
       Brazier both have their storage sacks (Quark only adds a Nether Wart Sack).
     - More Cauldron Recipes are added to make the Vanilla Shulker Box undying
       consistent with other dyed items.
     - Some even Vanilla items are renamed for consistency reasons (for example
       "Dark Oak" is now "Beech".
     - ... and much more.

Images (with BSL Shaders on):

All the Chests in this modpack.

Yellow Maple Leaves from Autumnity and Yellow Autumn Leaves from Biomes o' Plenty are effectively the same block (they only drop the Yellow Maple Sapling).

Crimson Wart and Warped Wart.

Other unique features of this pack include:

     - JEI info about pretty much all items as well as mobs, serving as a sort of an in-game wiki

     - Bookmarks in JEI highlighting most important items for game progression, as well as basic controls

     - Seamless survival exprience with consistent textures and mechanics

     - Built-in PBR (normal and specular mapping) textures of all the modpack's blocks - see Credits
       for OptiFine Shaders (modified BSL Shaders are also included) - see Credits

Images (with BSL Shaders on):

An example of the in-game wiki. You can see the highlighted items on the left.

Normal mapping on both Vanilla and modded Sand variants.

Specular mapping on both Vanilla and modded Slime Blocks.


If you want to use the SHADERS, you have to get:
- OptiFineOtherwise the shaders will not work.

These are recommended resource pack companions:
- Authentic Shadows
- Flower Pots +

How to do this:
1) Install the modpack
2) Open the minecraft installation location through the Launcher. Usually this is
     C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\versions\ModpackName or

3) Download the desired mod or resource pack, make sure it's for the 1.16.1 version of Minecraft
4) Open the mods or resourcepacks folder in the installation location and drag the downloaded file there (or simply download it to that location)


- The pack was compiled and tweaked by me, Vojife. But of course, the mods are by their
  respective authors, found in the Dependencies tab.
  The key mods that made the coherence of features possible are CraftTweaker and JEITweaker by JaredIII08,
  Just Enough Items by mezz, and then Quark by Vazkii, which already includes a lot of cohesion, as well as
  related Minecraft Abnormals mods by Team Abnormal.

- The PBR textures are a modified version of RTX 16x for Java by arkadyaaa and those are a modified port
  of those by RazzleBerries from Minecraft Windows 10 edition. Most textures are my own, some are tweaked
  versions of those in RTX 16x for Java to fit other texture changes or my personal taste and a few are
  unchanged and reused for other similar blocks. But even for my own textures, RTX 16x for Java was my
  starting point and my inspiration.

- Included in the pack is a modified (by me) version of the incredible BSL SHADERS made by capttatsu / BITSLABLAB.
  A huge thanks to you for letting me include these shaders. This is the official site of these shaders:
  My tweaks are: All leaf and plant blocks that wave in the wind and let sun shine through them in vanilla
                           do the same in mods (Sometimes the shaderpack needs to be reloaded for that - F3+R),
                           All blocks corresponding to those that do it in vanilla are reflective or emmissive in mods
                          (Sometime the shaderpack needs to be reloaded for that - F3+R),
                           New Nether biomes added by Biomes o' Plenty have their distinct fog color, just like
                           vanilla Nether biomes.
                           PBR ("Advanced Materials") is on by default




- Item frames added by Quark do not render correctly (most likely a Quark issue)
- Warped Wart cannot be grown in a Botany Pot
- Shaders have to be reloaded (F3+R) when the game restarts with them on to work fully

- The JEI info sometimes disappears when switching to or from Shaders (/reload should fix this)

Please do point out any other issues you find.


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