Builder's QOL

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Builder's QOL is a light, solely client-side modpack for fabric. It combines feature-packed structure creating mods like those used on SciCraft with plenty of optimization mods, bugfixes, and quality-of-life changes to make your building experience as smooth as possible. I'd appreciate feedback and suggestions since this is my first project :) 



What You're Getting:


Caffeine Mods


Optifine-Mimicking Features

- LambDynamicLights

- Ok Zoomer [1.18.2 and below]

- Zoomify [1.19+]

(More can be found here)


GUI Additions


Tools n' Tweaks

- Damage Tilt

- Easier Villager Trading

- Light Overlay

- Tweakeroo

- Litematica

- Dynamic FPS

- AntiGhost


- ReAuth [1.16.5 and below]

OAuth [1.17.1-1.18.2]

- Auth Me [1.19+]



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