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A small client-side mod that allows displaying some of the F3 debug screen's information (and more) on the screen. The alignment (screen corner) and font size are configurable.

The mod also has various "overlay renderers", such as:

  • spawn chunks
  • region file boundaries
  • random tick range
  • mob spawn algorithm start chunks range
  • block grid

(note that some of these currently are only available in the more recent LiteLoader and Rift versions.)

The mod also adds hotkeys for toggling on/off the vanilla debug renderers for blocks collision boxes, heightmap, entity path finding etc.

The displayed information lines can also be toggled on/off with hotkeys, and the HUD itself can be toggled ON and OFF.

Some example screenshots are on the Images page.

NOTE: As of version 0.17.0 and later, the MiniHUD versions for the LiteLoader/Rift/Fabric mod loaders also require the MaLiLib library mod:

Be sure to download the correct version from the Files page! The Download button on the top still gives you a 1.12.2 LiteLoader version, and not a 1.13.2 Rift version! And there is nothing I can do about that.


Rift versions for MC 1.13.2

There are versions of the mod available for MC 1.13.2 for the Rift mod loader. Those versions have '-rift' in their filename.
Note that the 1.13.2 versions ONLY work on MC 1.13.2, and NOT on the earlier 1.13 versions!
The default hotkey to open the in-game config GUI in the Rift versions is Left Ctrl + H + C

LiteLoader versions

As of version 0.12.1, there are now also LiteLoader versions of the mod available. They can be found as additional files under the "main/Forge" file.

Key combinations

The default "Toggle Mode" hotkey is H. It can be changed in the Controls menu.

  • Toggle Mode (by itself): Toggle the HUD state ON/OFF.
  • Toggle Mode + "info key": Toggle ON/OFF the different pieces of information (see below for keys).

Available information

The following information is currently available:

  • Real time (ie. a clock...)
  • World time in ticks
  • World time formatted to days, hours, minutes
  • Player's current block position
  • Player's current position in chunk
  • Player's coordinates
  • Player's current dimension ID
  • Player's yaw rotation
  • Player's pitch rotation
  • Player's current moving speed
  • Player's facing
  • The Chunk the player is currently in
  • The region file the player is currently in
  • Looked-at-entity's name and health
  • Looked-at-entity's registry name (1.11+) or ID (1.10.2)
  • The block the player is looking at
  • Block's registry name and the BlockState properties of the looked-at-block (like on the F3 screen)
  • Current light level
  • Current biome
  • Current biome's registry name.
  • Current FPS
  • Entity count
  • C value (rendered chunk sections) from F3
  • P value (number of particles) from F3
  • Current local difficulty number (from F3)
  • Is the current chunk a slime chunk. Note: in multiplayer you need to manually run the /seed command!

Starting from version 0.13.0, there is now a region file boundary overlay renderer. The default hotkey to toggle it ON/OFF is Toggle (H) + J.

Note: Starting from version 0.9.0, you can change all these quick toggle keys via the config file or the in-game config menu.
Note: Starting from version 0.11.0, you can change the order of these info lines via the config file or the in-game config menu.

To temporarily (= not saved in the configs) toggle the info types while in-game, do this:

  • In version 0.9.0 or later, press and hold the main Toggle key, and then press the configured hotkey for the info type you want to toggle
  • Before version 0.9.0, first press and hold the indicated info type key and then press the Toggle key


Vanilla debug renderers

Starting from mod version 0.12.0, there are hotkeys to toggle ON/OFF the debug renderers that exist in vanilla, but are normally not usable/accessible. The hotkeys for these can be set in the configs. They are in the form F3 + <key>.

The default keys are:

  • F3 + 1: Toggle Collision boxes debug renderer
  • F3 + 2: Toggle Height map debug renderer
  • F3 + 3: Toggle Neighbor updates debug renderer
  • F3 + 4: Toggle Pathfinding debug renderer
  • F3 + 5: Toggle Solid block faces debug renderer
  • F3 + 6: Toggle Water debug renderer

Note: The neighbor updates debug renderer only works in single player.
Note: The pathfinding debug renderer also only works in single player, unless another mod sends the appropriate custom payload vanilla packet from the server, to add the path data to the debug renderer.

Some example screenshots of the debug renderers:

Collision boxes:

Height map:

Neighbor updates:


Solid block faces:




There are a few things that can be adjusted either via the in-game configuration menu or in the configuration file.

  • The default information to be displayed (represented as a bit mask, deprecated/redundant)
  • The default information to be displayed as individual toggle options (use this instead of the above)
  • Whether to use a smaller font (0.5x scale)
  • Whether to use a font shadow in the text rendering
  • Whether to use a background color for the text
  • Whether to sort the displayed information lines by their length
  • Whether to reverse the above mentioned sorting order
  • Whether to use a custom format string for the coordinate line, and the format string to use
  • The font and backgrond colors

Note: The custom format string for the coordinates has to have three float number format specifiers.
An example of that would be "X: %.1f Y: %.1f Z: %.1f" (without the quotes) to give an output like: X: 1234.2 Y: 64.0 Z: 4321.7.

Below are the bit mask values for the different information types. This is now redundant, just use the on/off options in the in-game config menu instead!
These were removed entirely in version 0.11.0.

The bit mask values of the enabled-by-default information is as follows:
  • 1 = coordinates
  • 2 = yaw
  • 4 = pitch
  • 8 = speed
  • 16 = biome
  • 32 = light level
  • 64 = facing
  • 128 = block position
  • 256 = chunk position
  • 512 = block looking at
  • 1024 = fps
  • 2048 = entity count
  • 4096 = dimension id
  • 8192 = world time (ticks)
  • 16384 = world time (formatted)
  • 32768 = IRL time (ie. a clock)
  • 65536 = looking at entity
  • 131072 = slime chunk
  • 262144 = blockstate properties
Sum together the ones you want enabled by default. This means that those will show up when you load the game and then enable the MiniHUD by pressing the Toggle key.

Note: This is a client-side-only mod!

Mod packs/permissions

  • Mod packs: go ahead!
  • Re-hosting the mod file otherwise is not cool, mmkay?


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