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A zoom mod with infinite customizability.

Zoomify aims to provide the easiest, most configurable and most sexy looking zoom mod you will ever find.

Zoom Example

Commissions available!


How to use


Initially, Minecraft has a keybind that overrides Zoomify by default. Go to the controls menu and make sure the Zoomify keybind (default C) isn't conflicting (goes red).

Open settings menu

You can access the settings menu with two ways.

  • The client command /zoomify
  • Mod Menu settings button


Scroll Zoom

You can zoom in further using your scroll wheel.

Scroll Zoom Example

Spyglass Integration

You can configure Zoomify to only be able to zoom in when you are holding or carrying a spyglass. Or even just override the spyglass zoom with Zoomify!

Show the spyglass overlay and play spyglass sound effects when using Zoomify.

Spyglass Integration Example


14 different transitions to choose from!

Relative Sensitivity

Reduce your mouse sensitivity based on the amount of zoom, so you have fine control over your player.

Relative Sensitivity Example

Relative View Bobbing

Reduce the view bobbing effect based on the amount of zoom, so you can walk and zoom at the same time!

Relative View Bobbing Example

Cinematic Camera

Make the mouse/camera smooth, like the zoom in Optifine.

Cinematic Cam Example

Affect Hand FOV

Turn off this setting to prevent your hand from also being zoomed in!

Affect Hand FOV Turned Off Example


You can reset to default, make Zoomify behave like OptiFine and others!

Highly configurable

Absolutely NO hard-coded values. Everything about your zoom is configurable!

Behaviour Settings Page

Scrolling Settings Page

Controls Settings Page

Spyglass Settings Page

Misc Page

Control the zoom speed with seconds

Instead of some stupid arbitrary value such as zoom speed, you can pick the exact amount of seconds it will take to zoom in, with a separate setting for zooming out.



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