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Zoology is an animal breeding mod who's mechanics are based on real world genetic mechanics.


Craft a magnifying glass to start analysing your sheeps, cows and pigs. If you hover over a compatible entity, it will show a popup display of the traits. This will be invaluable for selecting the animals you wish to breed.


There are potions that can help you in your task. 

The "potion of cloning" will cause any animal in 'love' to give birth to a genetically identical offspring. 

The "potion of genetic corruption" will randomly shuffle a portion of the target's genes. This can create genes that do not naturally occur in spawned animals, but can also lead to infertility.

The "potion of autogamy" is similar to cloning, except the offspring will be a genetic recombination of it's parent's DNA (as if two clones had mated).


Important Notes:

- This mod is intended to be slow and take a long time, since many generations will be needed to breed the traits you wish. 

- Sheep wool color is now part of their genetic code. This means that manually changing their wool color with a dye will not affect their offspring.

- Be careful when breeding though since inbreeding depression is a danger. As genetic variation falls, different attributes will start to suffer.

- Negative values for "Drop modifiers" reduce the number of drops but there will always be at least 1 actual item dropped.


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