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Undergarden/Tetra Patch


This is a small mod that adds materials from the Undergarden to Tetra. Currently, it adds depthrock, shiverstone, grongle wood, wigglewood, smogstem, cloggrum, froststeel, utherium, and (in 1.1+) forgotten metal.

Froststeel, utherium, and forgotten metal maintain their special weapon properties when made into Tetra tools using the new Tetra effects Frostbite, Rotbane, Threnody of the Deep, and Undermine, plus weaker versions of all of them. You can socket nuggets to get half-strength effects.


 1.0: Tetra 3.4.0+, Undergarden 0.3.8+

1.1-1.2: Tetra 3.4.0+, Undergarden 0.4.0+

1.3 (1.16.5): Tetra 3.20.0+, Undergarden 0.5.5+

1.3 (1.18.2): Tetra 4.10.1+, Undergarden 0.7.1+

If you're looking for more Tetra compatibility, check out Tetranomicon!


This mod was written and compiled by Syric.

mickelus wrote Tetra and made the tutorial (link) I used. All the Undergarden material is quek's.

Thank you to everyone who helped along the way!