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Aetheric Tetranomicon


Aetheric Tetranomicon

Adds Tetra support to resources from the Aether, Deep Aether, Aether: Redux, Aether: Lost Content Addon, and Ancient Aether. DOES NOT require all of those mods- it'll work just fine if you only have a few installed! Only requires the Aether itself and Tetra.




Gravitite - Levitator. Gravitite tools and weapons can launch blocks and enemies into the air.

Zanite - Tenacity. Zanite tools and weapons are more effective at lower durability.

Phoenix - Phoenix. Phoenix weapons deal additional damage to burning targets, and phoenix tools auto-smelt the things they harvest. (Synchronizes with Aether: Lost Content phoenix tools and weapons, but does not require that mod to be installed.)

Valkyrie - Valkyrian. Valkyrie tools and weapons extend your reach.

Holystone - Ambrosia Seeker. Holystone tools and weapons have a chance to drop ambrosium when used.

Skyroot wood - Harvester. Skyroot tools can produce double drops from some blocks.

Deep Aether:

Sunroot Hanger - good for bowstrings.

Yagroot Vine - good for bindings.

Skyjade - Brittle. Skyjade tools and weapons are less effective at lower durability.

Stratus - Levitator



Conberry wood - good for handles.

Cruderoot wood

Roseroot wood - good for handles.

Sunroot wood - good for handles.

Yagroot wood - good for bows.

Aether: Redux

Gilded Vine - good for bindings.

Golden Vine - good for bowstrings.

Veridium - Infusable. Right-click veridium tools with ambrosium to temporarily increase their mining speed.

Vitrium - Ambrosia Seeker. Good for greatswords.

Blightwillow wood - good for longbows.

Cloudcap wood - good for handles.

Crystal wood - Ambrosia Seeker

Fieldsprout wood - good for handles.

Glacia wood - Harvester

Springshroom wood - good for bows.

Ancient Aether

Valkyrum - Valkyrian

Highsproot Wood - good for bows.

Sakura Wood - good for handles.


Tools and weapons are ineffective in the Aether unless they have the Aetheric effect. All Aether materials produce the Aetheric effect on tool and weapon modules, but not handles or bindings. The only exception is Valkyrian metal, which can be used to create a Valkyrian binding that imparts the Aetheric effect to any modular item. (Ancient Aether's Valkyrum can be used the same way.)


Valkyrie and Phoenix items are dungeon loot, rather than being craftable. To create modular items with those materials, you need to melt items down in an altar to produce Valkyrian Scrap or Phoenix Scrap. Each item produces three pieces of Scrap. In 1.19, items must be melted in a regular furnace.)


Golden Amber - Earthbind and Intuit

Zanite - Buffs durability, attack damage, and efficiency

Skyjade (Deep Aether) - Increases movement speed and critical strike chance


All tools made of any of the listed materials can be freely modified in a Tetra workbench.