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Twilight's Flavors & Delight

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This mod is a port and rework of Twilight Delight on 1.19.x~1.20.x



Required Dependency:

Twilight Forest

Farmer's Delight (1.2.4+)


Optional Dependency / Compat:



Create Central Kitchen




This mod adds:

  • 4 knifes with Twilight Forest material and unique abilities
  • Maze stove that accelerates cooking for food in Twilight Forest or this mod
  • 35 kinds of food in the style of Farmer's Delight
  • 19 kinds of food in the style of Neapolitan
  • 5 potion effects that helps player to explore the world and assist combat
  • Ways to craft/cook Twilight Forest food that was uncraftable in Twilight Forest
  • Dismantle unwanted trophies from Twilight Forest to get extra precious loot
  • A sword that makes enemy cry



Potion Effects:

  • Fire Range: ignite surrounding enemies, and protect player from being ignited (still take fire damage from other sources, such as fire on ground and lava)
  • Frozen Range: freeze surrounding enemies by inflicting Frosty V, and protect player from Frosty Effect.
  • Poison Range: poison surrounding enemies with much faster damage rate. Protect player from Poison Effect.
  • Temporal Sadness: harmful effect that makes the entity lose attack strength and movement speed.
  • Aurora Glowing: make all entities you see have a rainbow glowing outline that goes through wall. Helpful to find enemies behind walls or items left behind.



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