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Cuisine Delight


Farmer's Delight




In this mod, you can use any ingredients to cook your food. You can cook on stove, or cook on your offhand by enchanting the cuisine skillet with fire aspect. Right click with food to add ingredients, and right click with spatula to stir to prevent it from being over-burnt on one side. Right click with plate to collect the dish.

There are 2 scales for each ingredient added, calculated individually: how well the food is cooked, and how much it is burnt on one side. You need to add the ingredients that takes longer to cook first, and stir them frequently to prevent over-burnt. Doing it properly will give you a delicious plate with extra saturation bonus.

For the left scale, green means undercooked, yellow means cooked just right, and red means overcooked.

For the right scale, green means not burnt, and red means burnt.

The skillet is crafted from Farmer's Delight skillet, and you can enchant the skillet with Fire Aspect so that you can cook without stove, or Efficiency to increase upper limit of food added to the skillet at one time. With Efficiency V, you can add 6 items a time, so that you can have finer control over the balance of materials in your dish.

When you use different types of ingredients (carbs, meat, vegetables, seafood), you can get extra bonus for each type added. Try to cook a balanced meal!



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