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Fruits Delight




Required Dependency:

Farmer's Delight



Botany Pots for easy and automatic fruit production

Serene Seasons for season control of growth and fruiting

Create for automating jam, jello, and some other products

Diet compat for most of the food products

Cuisine Delight for culinary compatibility. Use jams to cook weird but powerful food

Biomes O Plenty biome support, so players can find fruit trees in more biomes

Terralith biome support, so players can find fruit trees in more biomes



This mod adds:

  • 17 kinds of fruits: peach, pear, mango, lychee, hawberry, orange, persimmon, blueberry, lemon, hamimelon, pineapple, mangosteen, cranberry, bayberry, fig, kiwi, durian. All fruit types have unique food effects when made into food products.
  • 90 kinds of fruit-based food products, including drinks, snacks, meals and feasts.
  • 18 naturally generated plants, including 14 fruit trees (13 mod fruit tree and 1 apple tree) and 4 single-block plants.
  • 17 food effects that are useful in exploration and combat.
  • Unique cauldron mixing recipe to make jam and jello


Food Effects

Food effects are not available on raw fruits. They are only on processed food such as jelly, juice, and snacks.


  • Hawberry: Appetizing (Allow player to eat even while food bar is full)
  • Pear: Lozenge (Increase eating speed)
  • Persimmon: Astringent (Increase friction, allow player to walk on slippery blocks such as ice blocks as of they are walking on regular blocks)
  • Peach: Healing Aura (Apply instant heal on entities around you)
  • Mango: Strength III + Rage Aura (Mobs around you will be hostile to you)
  • Blueberry: Night Vision + Brightening (make player immune to darkness and blindness for a short time)
  • Orange: Regeneration + Recovering (make player immune to poison and wither for a short time)
  • Pineapple: Speed + Sweetening (make player immune to slowness for a short time)
  • Lemon: Haste + Refreshing (make player immune to mining fatigue for a short time)
  • Hamimelon: Health Boost
  • Lychee: Strength III but very short duration
  • Mangosteen: Sliding (boats you are on can slide on blocks as if boat is on ice)
  • Cranberry: Shrinking (Player can crawl into 1-block height holes when sneaking)
  • Bayberry: Leaf Piercing (Player-shot projectiles can go through leaves)
  • Fig: Digestive (Overflowing nutrition can be converted into saturation)
  • Kiwi: Cycling (Spit out 1 level worth of experience as orbs, to repair mending armors and tools without external experience sources)
  • Durian: Alienating (apply weakness and disgusted on surrounding mobs, disgusted prevents animals from breeding) + Suspicious Smell (easier to find suspicious sand / gravel)

Where to Find the Plants

  • Pear Tree: Birch Forest, Old Growth Birch Forest
  • Hawberry Tree: Taiga, Old Growth Spruce Taiga, Old Growth Pine Taiga
  • Persimmon Tree: Snowy Taiga, Grove
  • Lychee Tree / Mango Tree: Jungle, Bamboo Jungle
  • Peach Tree: Sparse Jungle
  • Orange Tree / Apple Tree / Kiwi Tree / Fig Tree: Forest, Flower Forest
  • Blueberry Bush: Taiga, Old Growth Spruce Taiga, Old Growth Pine Taiga, Snowy Taiga, Grove, Swamp, Mangrove Swamp, Windswept Hills, Windswept Forest
  • Lemon Tree: Plains
  • Hamimelon: Desert
  • Pineapple: Beach
  • Mangosteen: Jungle, Swamp, Mangrove Swamp
  • Cranberry: Jungle, Swamp, Mangrove Swamp, Dark Forest
  • Bayberry: Swamp, Mangrove Swamp
  • Durian: rarely found in swamp, mangrove swamp, jungle, bamboo jungle, sparse jungle



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