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Farmer's Delight Refabricated



Farmer's Delight


This is a modern, feature complete and faithful unofficial Fabric port of vectorwing's Farmer's Delight. You can find the Forge mod here.

This port is only for 1.20.1+, if you want a Fabric port for older Minecraft versions, you can find it here.

Have any issues with this port? Refer to us directly on either of these discords instead:
Supplementaries DiscordGreenhouse Discord Link

Oh and as a bonus, for the time being, the mod comes with an extra feature, Skillet Burger Flipping. Just press left click when cooking anything on a skillet or use a shovel on a placed down one!

🌽 Description

Farmer's Delight is a mod that gently expands upon farming and cooking in Minecraft.

Using a simple cooking system and a few familiar ingredients, you'll be able to prepare a wide variety of hearty meals: from sandwiches to salads and stews, from beautiful desserts to mouth-watering feasts, no ingredient will be left behind in your kitchen!

It also introduces a rich set of utilities: a way to improve the very soil your crops grow in, a brand new kind of tool to scavenge resources with, cute decorations for your builds, and many blocks and items to help you on your adventure!

It's time to farm a little bit of everything!


📖 Getting Started

Follow the advancements! Much of its progression is described through them. By default, press the (L) key to open the Advancements screen.

If you'd rather get a more straight-forward guide, we wrote a Getting Started to help you learn the basics!



Q. How does this different from the other existing Farmer's Delight Fabric?

A. This port's main focus has been on simplicity and faithfulness to the original mod. This meant that only minor changes were made to accommodate the loader specific things.

Package names and all existing behavior has been kept the same. This means that FD addons can now easily be ported from Forge to Fabric with, ideally, no change at all as all the package names are the same.


A list of differences can be found here.


Q. Will existing addons work for this?

A. While porting existing Forge addons to Fabric will be trivial, already existing Fabric addons made for the old Fabric port will NOT work and they will have to update to reflect the new package structure unless they are supported through the compat layer.

A list of supported addons and integrations can be found here.

Q. Can I use this mod into my modpack?

A. Yes! Feel free to feature Farmer's Delight in your modpack, and customize it as you see fit for the experience you're crafting. Just keep in mind:

  • Make sure to credit, and don't claim Farmer's Delight as your own creation;
  • Always read the changelogs! Minor and major versions can sometimes have breaking changes, which will be explained there.

Q. Will I keep old blocks from the other FD port?

A. The mods use the same IDs so yes.


Q. Will addons for the other port be updated to use this one instead?

A. That depends on them. Updating/porting a Forge addon is trivial but this will still take a bit of time and depends on the individual modder. So please be patient and don't harrass modders. 


Q. Which Minecraft versions will the mod be updated for?

A. Farmer's Delight Refabricated is currently being updated for 1.20+. Any other versions are currently discontinued.

Q. Are you going to backport this mod to versions before 1.15?

A. No. This mod will never be backported to older versions. The game's older codebases are entirely different, and usually missing important features this mod depends on.
Please, do NOT ask for backports!