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Particle Fixes for Minecraft 1.12 has been included in the RandomPatches mod by TheRandomLabs as of version

Particles are very nice in Minecraft. But who knew so many of them aren't even shown due to some really old bugs? Well I didn't know about that, only when Minecraft 1.14 came around and finally fixed the biggest one of those pesky bugs I realised that all these particles had been in the game for many years.

This mod brings the missing particles back so you no longer have to wait for Mojang to fix their game.


For Minecraft 1.12 this mod fixes two long-standing bugs related to particles, for Minecraft 1.14 it only fixes the second issue. These bugs are:

  • MC-10369 – Server side particle spawning does not create particles for client (fixed in Minecraft 1.14)
  • MC-93826 – Breeding hearts only show once and not all the time an animal can breed anymore

This means that a lot of particles will appear once again when they didn't do so in the vanilla game since Minecraft 1.3 from July in 2012. Those particles are:

  • Heart particles constantly popping up from animals in love (these are the only particles still missing in Minecraft 1.14)
  • Small snow particles upon building a snow golem
  • Snowball particles when an iron golem or wither boss is built
  • Large smoke particles when lava and water mix
  • Red particles on redstone torch burn out
  • Armour breaking particles when worn by a mob
  • Smoke when placing an eye of ender in an end portal frame
  • A heap of heart particles around one of the parents when a baby animal is born
  • Explosion particles when the ender dragon destroys blocks upon touching them


For Minecraft 1.14 this mod is simply a very basic Forge mod, no special hackery required.

For Minecraft 1.12 on the other hand this mod is a rather simple core mod. If you don't like some of the particle effects this mod brings back I'm sorry, there is no config and there won't be.

The mod is meant to be as simple as possible and therefor only redirects the method for spawning particles to the appropriate location so it actually works instead of doing nothing. A side effect of the way this bugfix is implemented is that some particles are now spawned twice, meaning in some cases there is double the amount of particles compared to before.

This mod runs purely on the server-side. It even works when using a vanilla client to connect to a Forge server having this mod installed.


This mod is available in the public domain. Do whatever you want, use it wherever you want. The source code can be found on Github.


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