Custom Spawns [Fabric]

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Custom Spawns -- Configurable Mob Caps and Persistence


Fabric API and Cloth Config are required!


This is a simple server-side Fabric mod that allows you to configure various mob caps and persistence, as well as increase the rate of passive mob spawning. You can also use this to add or remove mob spawns from specific biomes.


Made as a companion mod to my old world gen mod, Modern Beta, you can use this to restore classic passive mob spawning!






You can configure Custom Spawns through Mod Menu (recommended) or in the config/customspawn.json file.

Information on configuration options can be found at the Custom Spawns wiki.


Following the Beta 1.2_01 spawning algorithm, to restore classic Beta mob spawning, use the following values:

  • Spawn Chunk Constant: 15
  • Creature Mob Cap: 15
  • Passive Mob Rare Spawn: False
  • Passive Mob Persistence: False
  • All other options should be left at default.