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Awaken your Chidori and protect the lands! Exiled from the northern overworld mountains, the Land Chidori took refuge in a small village run by the Shulks. Borrowing powers from the Shulks and mixing it with their own giant abilities, the Land Chidori have allowed earth magic to run through their bodies. An honorable race who have sworn to protect their allies at any cost..
Note: You will need Pehkui installed for the size increase


Your vanilla experience will be further enhanced thanks for the following features:-


Big Friendly Giant

You are taller than the average human.


➕ Shielded

Crafting Shields automatically applies Unbreaking III to them.


➕ Hearty

Being large in size you have more health than a normal human.


➕ Shulk Box

You have special access to your own storage which allows you to carry 9 more items in your shulk box. You can access this bag by using your load hotbar activator key (usually the X key).


➕ Sturdy Skin

You have additional natural armor.


➕ Grounded Cushion

Thanks to your earth magic and Quantum Leap abilities, you take no damage upon falling from tall heights.


➕ Grabbed

Your longer arms allow you better reach.


➕ Stone Smash

You can smash stone with your bare hands.


➕ Quantum Leap

Using your giant legs, you are able to leap into the air.


➕ Chidori Blood

You have Chidori blood running through your veins which makes you emit special particles.


➖ Anti-Haste

You attack slightly slower than a human.


➖ Overgrown Fatigue

Due to your large size you tend to move slower than normal humans.


➖ Hunted Sprint

Being tall has taken a toll on your body. Eat adequately to be able to sprint.


➖ Ranged Ignorance

Having only ever used your fists, you have no knowledge in using ranged weapons.



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Permission - Feel free to use in your modpacks but they have to be hosted on CurseForge only and link back to this page.


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